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Business Consulting

Business Consulting YAVEON Consulting | Business Consulting Consulting along the value-added chain creates sustained success

Besides successful implementation of the value-added chain in processes and IT systems, its alignment to suit the entirety of defined corporate goals calls for consistent transparency in objectives, structures and potential.
Companies are frequently faced with the difficult situation that defined goals are inadequately reflected in operative processes. The reason for this may include:

  • the strategy and the business model are insufficiently familiar, and hence are not anchored within the business processes;
  • the structures (process organisation) have not been adapted to suit changes in requirements arising from the business model;
  • the implications of changes for company processes are insufficiently analysed and have been dealt with to an inadequately lasting extent.

Streamlining your value-added chain to boost productivity and customer satisfaction

YAVEON supports you step for step to improve the value-added chain. Our services include:

  • analysis of the business model with identification of potential located along the value-added chain;
  • creation of a process model, derived from the preferred business model;
  • analysis of potential with regards to key performance indicators in business management and the value driver tree;
  • drafting of an execution strategy with definition of the application and infrastructure model;
  • validation of the indicators used and recommendations for traceability;
  • regular review of the degree of target attainment through application of consistent change management.