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YAVEON ProCloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Wherever you are, your ERP system is by your side, on your browser, smartphone, PC, and Mac. From wherever and with whichever device you want to guide your business IT. And the best part: YAVEON's special sector specifications are always right there.

Technology is changing our private life with apps and services that are easy and intuitive to use. They simplify our daily life or even improve it. On the other hand, there are applications and services that we use for the business operations, often hard to manage - difficult to learn and difficult to introduce. Clients often have to pay more for the visualization of data, for workflow automation or comprehensive analyses.

We imagine a better world for users in companies – all across the world. A world, in which you can simply pursue leads, automate your customer service, fire up your sales team and improve your processes. A world where you can immediately access modern, mobile and, above all, intelligent applications from the cloud, which are just as easy to use as private apps for tickets, hotel rooms, music downloads or health checks.

Advantages at a Glance

Superior technology

Your advantages for your business

You can use all of our products on premise or in the cloud. Do not compromise on functionality.

Highlights for the industry

YAVEON ProCloud is a comprehensive application for the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, and food industry. This integrates all business areas from financial management to merchandise management, production planning, logistics, and monitoring. Complete batch logistics is provided throughout the company and traceability is ensured. All digital standards of supply chain integration are covered. The formulation and feature management allows flexible production with variable raw materials. Integrate supplier, customer, and management processes and generate new business models.

Batch Management
  1. Batch splitting and merging
  2. Specification and classification management
  3. Status and MHD management
  4. Multi-step batch inheritance
  5. Batch tracing
Data Security
  1. Digital signature
  2. Audit trail and field-level security
  3. Process- and quality-dependent authorization system
  1. Manufacturing instructions and recipe management
  2. Fillings and transfers
  3. Scheduling and control
  4. Bottleneck planning
  5. Graphic control center
  6. Automated content calculation
  7. Appropriate production
  1. Specification management
  2. Ongoing testing/LIMS
  3. Supplier evaluation, evaluation of internal supplier reliability
  4. Quality trend analyses
  1. Roles center for warehouse management
  2. Commissioning strategies
  3. Loan and charge carrier management
  4. Logistics key figures
  1. Mobile scanner
  2. Scales
  3. Hazard materials module

The New Possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Video portrait of the Cloud solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What counts is not what we tell you – specific improvements and industry projects is what we measure ourselves on.

Online testing

You can now test directly and without obligation how your future company solution can look in the cloud and make your office day easier!

„ My focus: Cloud solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.“
Winfried Stahl
Winfried Stahl
Head of YAVEON ProCloud
+49 (931) 46 555-0

Our Cloud Offers

The advantages of both solutions? Easy – Clear cost benefits. You can pick and choose only the apps your company really needs. YAVEON then customizes these for the demands of your industry. You recieve an inexpensive ERP system, which accomodates to your needs in the chemicals, pharma, food, medical tech, and cosmetics industry. Everything in the cloud, one application – your browser. Wherever you are, your ERP system is right by your side.

Explore Your Options

YAVEON ProCloud – the Private Cloud for your Enterprise

What YAVEON ProCloud can do for you
  • Private cloud – Only your data is stored
  • 100% based on Microsoft Azure and the accompanying security guidelines
  • Full NAV functionality
  • Can be expanded with hazardous material management, Qliksense etc.
  • Access via web client, iOS, Android or Windows Phone App, Windows Universal App, Dynamics RTC Client
  • Additionally, via Remote Desktop Server or the Dynamics NAV RTC Client
  • Customized licensing models as purchase or monthly lease

Use our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch and YAVEON ProE-SCM in our cloud and see immediate advantages for you

The New ERP Cloud: Your Functions

Quality is your requirement and the reason your customers buy from you. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and YAVEON ProBatch, you will not experience any surprises. The fully integrated quality assurance system verifies suppliers, production, and everything that leaves the company – with the help of modern, efficient rules and according to the known risks. If you have electronic reports immediately, you will meet any complaints professionally.

Financial Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the modern and tested solution for financial accounting. Everything from asset accounting to payment traffic is included. All demands of the German tax code are met, as well as its counterparts in Austria and Switzerland. Do you have affiliates in other countries? Microsoft Dynamics meets these demands in 139 countries. For example, our customers have often depicted the Golden Tax System in China.

Batch Production

The continuous proof of origin and use of a batch and all it’s a-ssociated containers are a major challenge for many systems. Only YAVEON can fully display and follow all characteristics and quality characteristics of a batch throughout the value creation process. The status and shelf life of the batch are taken into account as well as same-batch production and disposition.

Merchandise Management

The heart of any ERP system beats in the merchandise management. Since goods and value streams are 100% harmonized, it is easier to enter and evaluate the current situation. Numerous comfort functions support the creation of the order, the fast order processing, and the constant supply capacity.

Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Office 365 are the right success duo for your company. Your business day is much easier when your calendar, e-mail, and business management systems seamlessly interlink, and all information comes from a single source. A complete solution from YAVEON combines the features of enterprise resource planning with the familiar tools for day-to-day tasks to collaborate with peers, customers, and business partners. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the solution for all processes, appointments, and documents at the workplace. There's nothing more you need.

Warehouse Management

Don’t worry about the location of your goods in warehouse. YAVEON ProBatch assigns the appropriate place to all goods purchased or produced. Just according to your desired rules for chilled, hazardous, quickly perishable, or simply bulky items. At the push of a button, you know where, how long, and what value your products hold.

Quality Management

Quality is your requirement and the reason your customers buy from you. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you will not experience any surprises. The fully integrated quality assurance system verifies the suppliers, production, and everything leaving the company – according to modern, efficient rules and according to the known risks. If you have electronic reports immediately, you will meet any complaints professionally. Also ask us about tools for continuous process improvement and troubleshooting.


The YAVEON ProCloud not only works day and night for you and completes all processes automatically in many places, but also informs you about developments. The reporting and analysis tools show you the success of the business, the development of the quality, and the production and many more performance indicators. Complete packages with intelligent visualizations will inspire you.


Good business with your customers requires good care of client relations. Your ERP system tells you how many sales you have made in the past. With your CRM you also know the future business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully integrated into the YAVEON ProCLoud and takes over campaigns, visit reports, and sales opportunities management for all your current and future contacts. Write offers, email newsletters directly with the usual tools, and capture all the responses of your current and prospective customers.

Documentation Management

With the YAVEON ProCloud, you are very close to the paperless office. It gets even better. By integrating Office 365, several users can work on the same document at the same time. You can store the documents in the appropriate processes and retrieve them quickly thanks to the powerful search tools.

  • E-mails are simply assigned to the business transaction by drag and drop
  • Invoices are scanned and processed digitally
  • Output invoices can be sent by e-post, e-mail, EDI or fax, depending on the recipient

1. Immediately ready to use

Start with the online version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the pre-configured system of Dynamics 365 immediately. Pre-configuration is not a rigid solution, you can modify and round off all the parameters of the application. Clear documentation helps you adjust to your individual requirements and explains the effects on other areas.

Start faster thanks to pre-configuration

An ingenious pre-configuration is the key to success for the rapid implementation of ERP software. You can, for example, choose between different account plans. For the user, this means that he or she can immediately book first orders and invoices - the correct accounts are already connected in the background.

The pre-configuration also includes all necessary facilities for manufacturing companies. The Manufacturing Advanced Pack, available exclusively from Dynamics 365, allows you to directly start with a variant configurator, to create detailed cost estimates for articles, to manage ingredients from recipes and much more.

Depending on the role in the company, you can assign tasks and activity fields to the user on the graphical interface.

Several profiles are already created in Dynamics 365 and support you in the individual assignment of workspaces and tasks. On our test drive, you can get a private test environment free of charge in just a few minutes for 14 days. You can try a selection of profiles and roles yourself.

2. Care-free Maintenance

 State-of-the-art technologies and infrastructure

Always looking for new solutions, we are continually exploring and testing our own developments, and as new technologies prove to be effective and adequately tested, we also implement them in our infrastructure.

You can download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV app in the Windows Store, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store to work with YAVEON ProCloud on the go with a smartphone or tablet.

3. Grows with your Company

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you have the ideal conditions for small and large growth of your ERP solution. You can start with as many as 3 licenses and scale them as you like - our largest customers have more than 500 users on the system.

Connect or disconnect Users any Time

With a low-rate subscription and our pre-configuration, you can start immediately for all areas. You can re-order additional users at any time – and, of course, unsubscribe, should this become necessary.

The system is optimally equipped for growth, but also for seasonal fluctuations in the number of employees. In addition, you can book monthly so-called limited users who have a very low price, but have complete readability.


4. Enhance Client Relationships

Achieve competitive advantage by establishing valuable links and building long-term relationships.

Core areas economically
  • Same-batch deliveries possible
  • Client history with account balances
  • Customer hierarchies and association processing
  • On-site deliveries and pricing

5. Ensure Growth

We help you increase your revenue more efficiently, enabling to adapt to changing requirements more quickly and make the most of your IT investment. A system for your entire enterprise that is available everywhere and immediately (merchandise management, financial accounting, office integration).

Core areas economically
  • Reusability of templates
  • Customer-specific workflows without additional expense
  • Automated workflows and resumes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new, modern, enterprise-ready, intelligent software application: The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in conjunction with Azure and Office 365 allows for completely new user experiences.

6. Protect your Company

We advise you on data backups and data availability, so you can rely on mobile devices.

Data Security

You do not have to worry about data security. Backups are regularly performed, which ensures maximum security for your data. This allows you to restore the backups of the last 7 days and the first day of the last 4 weeks. Of course, you can always load your own backups from our FTP server and store them locally. Whichever way you decide; your data is safe with us. We guarantee this by regularly performing integrity checks of the backups.


Core areas economically
  • Compliance with industrial standards
  • Integrated quality assurance
  • Electronic signature and four-eyes principle

7. Work from anywhere

We enable more mobile workspaces so that teams can work together more productively regardless of location and device.

Core areas economically
  • Unified user experience, access to information from all end devices
  • Share and collaborate on documents

Get a comprehensive business and financial accounting solution for small and medium-sized businesses. From the very first day with the YAVEON ProCloud, you can easily and quickly perform your daily tasks such as ordering, purchasing, invoicing, and evaluating.

Create an integrated Environment
  • Consolidate different tools in a single integrated environment that seamlessly connects to Office 365. This saves you and your employees valuable time every day.
Make better Decisions
  • This is how you keep your entire company in sight – you receive reliable reports on the financial situation, sales success, purchasing, warehouse, and customer support.
A Solution that grows with you
  • You now simply enter the cloud and continue your business without interruption.

Online testing

You can now test directly and without obligation how your future company solution can look in the cloud and make your office day easier!

„ My focus: Cloud solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.“
Winfried Stahl
Winfried Stahl
Head of YAVEON ProCloud
+49 (931) 46 555-0

See how easily the cloud works.

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