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What YAVEON stands for and what we offer

We know the pressure to supply quality, security, and innovation. That is why we are your experienced Microsoft partner – who handles all your business processes in one system. Business IT – made for you.

Keep your company on the track of the future

Nowadays, goods and services are produced transnationally. The world changes daily – even smaller companies have to adjust in order to stay on track. Your IT strategy acts as a part of your success. YAVEON’s ERP-systems are based on Microsoft’s intelligent products. Steer your business in the right direction of industry 4.0 – with Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning. In connection with our industry-solutions for chemical-, pharma-, food-, cosmetics-, and the medical industry, we only offer the best products and services to you.


Business IT – made for you

It’s not an easy task to find the right IT solution for your company. Business processes and procedures must be continuously analyzed and evaluated. The development of our industry solutions helped us understand the whole value-added-chain and the demands we need to supply. We want to enable you to reach your yearly goal not only on a national, but also on an international basis.
YAVEON and Microsoft – your Business IT partner with solutions made for you.




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Microsoft Dynamics yields user friendliness and makes it possible to integrate the system fast and easy. Our consultants take care of all relevant adjustments for you. Even later on – we support you through company changes and adaptions.


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