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I am looking for business software, but which is the right one?

Find out which ERP system suits you best.

Business IT with Microsoft, because Microsoft is Simple and Safe.

Company solutions from Microsoft are IT products in a simple modular design. YAVEON helps you to adapt these solution modules to your infrastructure and business processes. An analysis function makes intelligent predictions for your company development using "big data".

Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner ERP
QlikView Solution Reseller
d.velop ecspand your SharePoint Partner
Founded in
„To develop a technical IT solution, you have to listen to the CEOs, the people and their demands.“
York Braune
York Braune
Executive Board
+49 (931) 46 555-0

Choose your industry:

Pharma Industry

Protect, improve and enable medicines.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is not only one of the most important, but also one of the most vital industries.

Food Industry

Without industrial refinement of food, progress, health, prosperity, and sustainability cannot be achieved today.

Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is constantly reinventing itself.

Medical Technology Industry

The medical engineering industry is innovative, high-performing, export-oriented, and characterized by medium-sized firms.

More Success and Growth with Microsoft's sophisticated Business IT

Let us help you get an overview of your business software. As industry experts, we know what matters to you as a company leader. Our task is the optimization of processes and procedures. For this, we are refining the consulting and software solutions from Microsoft for your industry.

Are you looking for a partner to help you optimize your value chain?

Backgrounds and facts

In the detailed download area, you will find useful information, videos, whitepapers and factsheets about our products and services. Ask for one of the test versions to see the simplicity of our Microsoft-based ERP systems.

Complex data in one application at a glance to make important strategic decisions. Like SAP, just easier.

As your business grows, you need a process- and potential analysis that helps control changes in your business.

Customer testimonials

It means we can achieve the cost benefits we had hoped for, and are improving our ability to keep customers satisfied and expand our service portfolio.
Detlef Belstler, Director IT
In my professional life I have experienced three Dynamics implementations with three different partners. The YAVEON implementation was by far the best.
Bettina Pillich, Head of Logistics
Gustav Heess
We are profiting from higher transparency, more efficient integrated processes and from improved software usability.
Richard Grünewald, CEO
Grünewald International
YAVEON ProBatch has offered APIVITA more than what ordinary production process systems can offer, standing up to the highest industry standards.
Vasilis Karpodinis, Head of Operations
Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables us to support the growth and expansion of our business.
Guido Sarnowski, Manager Supply Chain

The Executive Board of YAVEON