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YAVEON for the Chemical, Paints, and Coatings Industry
strengthens your Business

Integrated Systems Devoloped for your Industry

The chemical industry is as diverse as almost no other in the world. Additionally, it is essential for the supplying-, electro technology- as well as the plant engineering industry. Therefore, it is key to global economy success. Naturally, the chemical industry has always required ERP solutions, which offer strenght, efficiency, and international usability. Medium sized companies can rely on Microsoft Dynamics and YAVEON – the solution made for you.

„They have provided an excellent service from the beginning. We‘re pleased that we were able to achieve an increase in productivity from the outset.“
Christoph Heinen
Head of IT at

The Key - Supply Chain Efficiency

These days, the chemical industry requires increasing, effective Supply Chain Management processes. Whether large scale plants with continuous production or a variety of fine chemistry businesses, each company – no matter the size- needs efficient processes to reach their goal. Companies are obligated to provide quality, environmental conservation and security. At the same time, the pressure to develop better products, new business processes, and constant market cultivation rise daily.

ERP with Substance

YAVEON offers a set of ERP solutions and modules for the chemical industry, which are trend-setting for medium-sized companies. Based on Microsoft Dynamics, the YAVEON Pro product family, and Add-ons of third parties (partners), we have developed solutions to optimize the value-added chain, enable safe production processes, and improve logistics. Our solution supports compliance with all regulatory and industrial standards as well as internal quality guidelines.

Process Management

Comprehensive workflows in the production and logistics procedures lead the employees efficiently through the process. In cases of supply shortfall, maintanance, or asset availability, the system gives a punctual notice to act as necessary. Through the integrated solution, the value flow is transparent for all users and can be optimized at any time.

FYI: You can find all necessary information in our download portal.

Why you should use YAVEON Solutions

Your Challenges
  • Complete tracking of utilized batches
  • Increasing demands for quality and flexibilty in the production process
  • Efficient processes in the distribution and supply chain collaboration
Our Solutions
  • Industry solution based on Microsoft
  • Use of information and business process management across applications
  • Modern workspace with business process automization
  • Consultation- and project know-how for software introduction in conformance to the regulations
Your Benefits
  • Higher transparency in all business processes
  • Tailored business IT for your industry, which support your processes precisely and consistently
  • Substantial improvement of your company success

YAVEON for the Chemical Industry


YAVEON supports your whole value-added chain:

  • Development
  • Recipe management
  • Batch traceability and usage list
  • Supplier qualification and contract manufacturing
  • Integrated testing and documentation
  • Electronic signature and audit trail of all system changes
  • In- and export of substances with a burden of proof
  • Reports and analysis
„I look forward to driving innovations with you and Microsoft.“
Winfried Stahl
Winfried Stahl
YAVEON Cloud Manager
+49 (931) 46 555-0

Benefit from the industry-specilization of YAVEON

IT Solutions for the Chemical Industry

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