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YAVEON for the Food Industry improves your Business

Efficient ERP and Business IT for the food industry

Raised legal requirements, customer requirements and the challenge in competition form the industrial production of food, food supplements and feed (food and feed). Since the EU regulation regarding the batch tracking EU 178/2002 of beginning 2007, at the latest a technical and information logistical surveillance of purchase, production and distribution are obligatory for the benefit of the consumer.

„With our 2000 letters in any month, we save at least 1000 Euros per month and at least one hour of working time in the day. Sending the proof now takes only a few minutes.“
Wilhelm Wolff
Head of Sales at

Permanently on the same level as the industry giants

At the same time trade demands the same standards of medium sized, industrial suppliers as of large scale industry. That is technological developments as AtuoIDent, RFID, EDI will find their way into the industry. Likewise it is essential that medium sized businesses are obliged to meet specifications of communication and data management according to ECR, IFS, EANCOM and other standards to remain in the market despite the good quality of their products. Finally, due to the globalization the pressure to an optimization of production processes will increase, so that a profound intensification of the value added chain based on division of labor will occur. Of course, this should never have a negative effect on the quality of products and services. Therefore, a permanent supplier valuation considering soft and hard criteria is necessary.

Quality is our staff of life

YAVEON Pro Food ERP offers all industrial producers of preliminary, intermediate and end products an efficient and flexible solution for the daily demand. The YAVEON team members provide ERP implementation experience for the production and distribution of ingredients, dietary supplements, frozen produce, processed food, spices, tea, cereals, feed and others. The YAVEON Pro product family supports the food industry fulfilling their legal and industrial requirements.

The quality of all batches is controlled and warehouse and shipment conditions are supervised regarding processes beginning with purchase and ending with distribution. A strong order management and fabrication management permits manifold variants of the same product according to the customers preference, seasonal conditions or campaigns.

Only those who are competent in dispatch notification, can use RFID correctly

YAVEON Pro provides all possibilities to play a part in shipment management and distribution management of the food business either manually, fully automated. From Set building including loading optimizations on pallets, containers up to display management all forms of interplant cooperation are possible. Even economic questions regarding the dual system, Advertising - Merchandising – Promotion (AMP), rebates in kind, alliance accounting and electronic data transfer are no problem for Microsoft Dynamics™, YAVEON Pro and partner products.

FYI: You can find all necessary information in our download portal.

On eye-level with the biggest food companies

Your Challenges
  • Industry standards – with the solutions of YAVEON, you fulfill the standards of the industry in accordance with ECR, IFS, EANCOM
  • Increasing demands for quality and flexibilty in the production process
  • Efficient processes in the distribution and supply chain collaboration
Our Solutions
  • Technology and automatization – we use AutolDent, EDI, and mobile documents
  • Industry solution based on Microsoft
  • Use of information and business process management across applications
  • Modern workspace with business process automization
  • Consultation- and project know-how for software introduction in conformance to the regulations
Your Benefits
  • Supplier evaluation – Keep your quality and products at a high standard with constant evaluations of your supplier network
  • Higher transparency in all business processes
  • Tailored business IT for your industry, which support your processes precisely and consistently
  • Substantial improvement of your company success

YAVEON for the Food Industry


YAVEON supports your whole value-added chain:

  • Development
  • Recipe management
  • Batch traceability and usage list
  • Supplier qualification and contract manufacturing
  • Integrated testing and documentation
  • Electronic signature and audit trail of all system changes
  • In- and export of substances with a burden of proof
  • Reports and analysis
„I look forward to driving innovations with you and Microsoft.“
Winfried Stahl
Winfried Stahl
YAVEON Cloud Manager
+49 (931) 46 555-0

Benefit from the industry-specilization of YAVEON

IT Solutions for the Food Industry

Start-Ups also profit from our ERP systems

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a constant growing solution. Due to smart ERP templates for a quick introduction and modular design, start-ups benefit from comprehensive functions for batch traceability and electronic purchase- and supply environments without special knowledge in technical business. The solution can be purchased or rented monthly. The significant advantage? If your enterprise is expanding, so does the ERP system. This avoids inconsistencies and your enterprise can focus on other important activities.

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