Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & YAVEON ProBatch.

A system that makes your job easier.

With an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), you have total clarity. Discover integrated inventory management and finance management, paired with visibility of existing resources. In real-time. The result: You increase your productivity, prevent errors, and save valuable time. 

An ERP also creates a uniform database. So all departments know precisely where to find which information. This increases visibility in your company and facilitates the exchange of information. If you wish, you can also connect other functions. For example, an Enterprise Content Management for digitalizing your vacation and travel requests, return processes as well as digitally storing and processing documents.

Tested, used, and proven: YAVEON trusts Microsoft and uses the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - formerly NAV. 

Screenshots of the ERP system YAVEON ProBatch, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

One ERP, our industry solution, your advantage.

As a medium-sized company in the life sciences and process manufacturing industries, you have specific requirements for an ERP. What now? Welcome to YAVEON. With the industry solution YAVEON ProBatch you can expand your ERP with genuinely relevant functions. 


Pre-qualified for a successful computer system validation

What makes us different? YAVEON lives your specialization

In the solution, through regular employee training and the competence of the Microsoft products. You have experts by your side. On an equal footing and together with you. Start the journey through your possibilities with YAVEON ProBatch. You'll realize there is a lot to discover.