Welcome to the exciting world of Microsoft 365.

Keeping in touch - made easy.

The online solution that combines familiar functions with new elements: Included are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also use tools like Teams, Forms, or OneDrive.

The best part? You can access all services from any device. You started writing a project plan in Excel while on the train? Whether on your laptop, tablet, or on your smartphone: Simply register with your login and continue to work. Microsoft 365 also improves collaboration - files are stored centrally for everyone to access, edit or comment them. 

Microsoft Office 365 Screenshot

System + Consulting = Benefits

More than a system, more than advice – let us guide you. With Microsoft 365, you can truly address the challenges of your business. Together with the YAVEON consultants you analyze your business processes from A to Z.

With these results, we are look at customers, employees, products and operations, and as one question: What role does digital transformation play? Learn how to use Microsoft 365 effectively. To prepare yourself for digital transformation.