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Managing and guiding documents and processes

The YAVEON Quality and Process Manager (QPM) is a great tool to simplify and automate the creation of quality management manuals, operating procedures, workflows and training materials. Rapid deployment and integration of information, the simplified version of the processes and their publication and transaction control (workflows) are among the most important functions.

With the Quality and Process Manager, processes and workflows come to life and are being applied with much more ease and efficiency. Error, false documents, untraceable templates or the use of obsolete documents are a thing of the past. As reported by many of our customers, the ease of use is one of the essential factors, resulting in an improved co-operation of quality management with the departments – naturally in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.


Advantages & Benefits:

The YAVEON QPM is secure

separation of workspace and publishing environment with integrated rights management.

The YAVEON QPM is simple

using standard Microsoft technology all the way.

The YAVEON QPM is effective

offering full versioning and document control with read receipts.

The YAVEON QPM is efficient

uses the company's existing documents and diagrams.

The YAVEON QPM is practical

documents are redundancy-free and made available for the web whenever needed.

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Hannes Leitner
Head of Portal Solutions
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Quality and Process Manager