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E-Invoicing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV with YAVEON ProE-SCM

Legally-compliant, electronic invoicing for small and medium-sized enterprises

YAVEON now offers all users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV an efficient introduction to electronic invoice processing. The legally-compliant, qualified signature, and an efficient and fully-automated processing method enable you to significantly reduce costs and accelerate processes.

Enormous savings potential

Nowadays, every invoice that is printed and sent in the post using conventional methods costs at least 1 Euro in materials, postage, and handling costs. These costs can be considerably reduced by an electronic procedure. The savings potential is typically 75%-90%. This means that the investment usually pays for itself in less than one year. The savings effect becomes more apparent in every subsequent year.

Full automation

The full effect of the cost saving is only realized if the sending and signing are performed fully automatically in the background, and no employee has to spend any unnecessary time on sending the invoice.

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Automated creation and electronic sending of

  • Invoices
  • Credit Memos
  • Reminders

Encoding and authentication by certified software:

  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Hash key validation
  • Public key method
  • Archiving


  • Low investment costs
  • Fast ROI
  • Both as an in-house and SaaS solution

Sending of other documents without encoding and signature using the same interface:

  • Delivery data
  • Order data, etc.

According to EU directives and local regulations, the authenticity and integrity of the content of each electronic invoice must be guaranteed, usually by a qualified signature. YAVEON now provides all users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (from version 3.70) the option to fully automate the sending of invoices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Thanks to the integrated workflows based on YAVEON ProE-SCM, pdf documents can now be created directly from the invoices, and encoded and sent either by an in-house solution or via an external platform. The recipient can verify the integrity and authenticity using a free-of-charge public key.

Contact Person

Andreas H. E. Dorsch
Andreas H. E. Dorsch
President YAVEON Corporation
+49 (931) 46 555-156