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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for Consumer Goods Industries, Trade and Retail

Efficient Consumer Response Microsoft Dynamcis NAV (Navision)

YAVEON ProE-SCM offers an EDI-exchange supporting all industry standards, e. g. EANCOM, TRADA-COM, Phoenix, Elemica, … without the need of an external converting software. Of course it is easy to adjust to other standards by means of parameterization.

Your challenges:


  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Local exceptions to an international rule
  • International standards


  • Market change
  • Master data exchange
  • New business processes


  • IFS
  • GS1
  • ECR


  • Cost control
  • Workflows
  • Packaging and logistics
  • Error handling
  • Mass data handling

YAVEON product references

More than data conversion: automatic sales order processing

Next to a communication interface solution YAVEON ProE-SCM offers a useful function set for data and information management:

Within logistics

… YAVEON ProE-SCM supports all types of load carriers for distribution, e. g. KLTs, palett accounts, container, etc. Loading of carriers can be optimized using different parameters. Furthermore, packaging material can be grouped in hierarchies. Tags and labels are generated by YAVEON ProE-SCM according to product specifications and packag-ing material hierarchies. Various formats (VDA, AIAG, EANCOM, …) are supported that can be used in different process steps.

Within supply chain management

… YAVEON ProE-SCM manages the supply chain (purchase – sales) and is being integrated into requisition worksheets and goods receive as well as into picking and shipping. When integrating foreign warehouses YAVEON ProE-SCM supports different contract types (e. g. con-signment, CRP, …). Order processing and communica-tion are aligned.

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YAVEON ProE-SCM for trade offers:

  • Handling of buying groups and trade associations
  • Full Automation
  • Workflow
  • Consignment stock management and control
  • Standard labels (e.g. GS1)

YAVEON ProE-SCM for trade support the following standards (without an external converter):

  • ORDER import and export
  • DESADV import and export
  • INVOICE import and export
  • ORDRSP import and export
  • REMADV export
  • PRICAT export
  • IFTMIN export
  • SLSRPT export
  • INVRPT import

Contact Person

Andreas H. E. Dorsch
Andreas H. E. Dorsch
President YAVEON Corporation
+49 (931) 46 555-156

For suppliers for:

Amazon, Rewe, Aldi, Lidl, Edeka, Kupsch, Spar, Real, Metro, Markant, Hornbach, Baywa, Obi, Eurobaustoff, etc.