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Intercompany with YAVEON ProE-SCM

Collaboration across national borders and between departments

YAVEON offers comprehensive solutions for inter-departmental and company-wide information logistics. YAVEON Intercompany enables the electronic and secure exchange of documents and data between the same and different ERP systems..

Automated document flow

Within YAVEON Intercompany, you can work with any number of clients. Thanks to the unique architecture of YAVEON Intercompany, the setting of different parameters for a document type enables you to store an almost unlimited number of variants for all dialog partners.

Document chains

The exchange of documents, combined with periodic or event-controlled master data exchange, enables comprehensive inter-company functionality. This offers automation of document chains across the individual company areas, as well as integration into other corporate solutions for consolidated reporting.

Master data management and permission concepts

The preset permission concepts for the management of master data ensure that changes are only made in the designated location, but that the changes are updated for all clients to see. YAVEON ProE-SCM therefore also provides an important prerequisite for fulfilling the specifications of SOX, 8. EU Directives, and similar regulations.

Automated order processing and third-party ordering transactions

In addition to the communication interfaces, YAVEON Intercompany also offers a wide range of functions for data organization and information logistics:

In the retail industry, YAVEON Intercompany organizes the purchasing and sales process and is neatly integrated into requirements planning with requisition worksheet and goods receipt, as well as picking and distribution. The active shipping notifications and confirmations enable precise tracking in third-party transactions and prompt invoicing.

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Better sourcing through inventory information

When connected to internationally distributed logistics locations or third-party warehouses, important information about the availability of the items can be called at any time and in multiple languages. Order processing and communications processes run hand-in-hand with each other.

Improved production forecast

Thanks to the availability of information from the sales and distribution organizations, manufacturing and production forecasts can be executed more precisely. This results in a reduction in costs and shortfalls.

Contact Person

Andreas H. E. Dorsch
Andreas H. E. Dorsch
President YAVEON Corporation
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