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Creating and Managing Interfaces with YAVEON ProE-SCM

Integration of third-party systems and devices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

YAVEON ProE-SCM enables the most diverse of systems to be simply connected to Microsoft Dynamics NAV via a uniform interface logic.

Structured connection reduces maintenance costs

The requirements for the connection of third-party systems to Microsoft Dynamics NAV are generally no greater than for other software interfaces. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been implemented in the company to maintain the transparency of data flows and the associated material and value flows. It is also implemented to reduce the IT administration workload. It is important that neither of these effects is undermined by the integration of third-party systems. It therefore makes sense to rely on a structured solution for the management of interfaces.

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What do interfaces do?

Interfaces created with YAVEON ProE-SCM not only ensure that the data is correctly converted and interpreted, but also that all transactions are logged and all events are archived. Furthermore, you also receive an overview of the available interfaces and, if changes are made to the connected systems, the interface can often be simply updated using parameter settings and configuration. This saves time and avoids costly programming errors.

Error management

One significant advantage of administrating interfaces with YAVEON ProE-SCM is the simplified allocation of errors. The logs and transparent configuration make it easy to identify which system is responsible for the error. This enables you to search in the correct location from the start, and assign the appropriate specialist to resolve the issue.

Load balancing

Adjustable schedules also ensure optimized distribution of system load, since third-party systems often generate a large quantity of data that cannot be processed within the same timeframe in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Interfaces to systems outside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, e.g.:

  • Financial accounting
  • QM systems
  • Warehouse management systems and warehouse control
  • Web shops
  • Production planning and manufacturing execution systems
  • Route planning and shipping systems
  • Recipe optimization

Contact Person

Andreas H. E. Dorsch
Andreas H. E. Dorsch
President YAVEON Corporation
+49 (931) 46 555-156