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Efficient Workflows for Microsoft Dynamics

Structured collaboration and warning notices across departments

YAVEON ProE-SCM offers integrated workflow control, which automatically provides information in a configurable format, sends it to the correct recipient, and includes a control mechanism for deadline monitoring. The simple workflow setup means that workflows are actually established in the company, thus resulting in sustainable process improvement.


  • Administration, monitoring, and data security for all processes
  • Workflow steps can be organized in series or in parallel
  • Workflow steps with configurable entry and exit conditions
  • Starting values and automatic field changes
  • Automatic periodic workflows and reports
  • Freely configurable ad-hoc workflow
  • Central distribution of information, including logging and attachments from all types of media
  • N-level change notifications throughout the whole workflow
  • Individual subscriptions
  • Workflow steps can be assigned a security level
  • Workflow center for users
  • Mandatory field administration, etc.

Workflows help to improve interconnection between processes

Structured workflows are essential for ensuring that important work processes are not left waiting, or that all project members are informed of changes to processes at an early stage. They also enable routine entries to be structured in advance, which saves time and reduces errors. Finally, employees should be actively warned when critical states are reached.

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Management and control for all processes

The workflow module based on YAVEON ProE-SCM provides a secure and efficient environment for setting up and monitoring all types of workflows. The workflows are easy to set up with no programming knowledge required. Workflow steps are freely definable. You can define entry and exit rules for workflows, which enable simple mapping of, and compliance with, responsibility hierarchies. All users can view the workflows assigned to them and follow their progress in the workflow center.

Automated workflows, current warning notices and reports

Using parameter settings for the entry rules, workflows can be automated, initiated, or warning notices transmitted based on a wide range of statuses. This enables the monitoring of event-related delivery delays, minimum quantities or remaining shelf times.

Improved processes through comprehensive information policy:

Most workflow modules are only able to monitor the next process step. YAVEON Workflow enables you to inform all process participants on any level of the changes. For example, if a customer order is postponed, production, purchasing, and vendors are actively informed of the changed deadlines using any defined communication channels. 

Mandatory fields and automatic field entries with starting values

YAVEON workflows cannot be exited or completed before certain fields are filled. Furthermore, typical field entries can be prefilled depending on the input conditions, to prevent unnecessary redundant entries. The workflow itself can make field changes.

Setup and monitoring

The workflow module is characterized by a very simple setup. This means that workflows are actually set up and monitored, and the processes become more efficient and secure as a result.

Contact Person

Andreas H. E. Dorsch
Andreas H. E. Dorsch
President YAVEON Corporation
+49 (931) 46 555-156