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YAVEON Dynamics File Planer

for Microsoft Dynamics ERP & ecspand your SharePoint

The requirements for a networked enterprise software is continually developing: complex system landscapes, data growth, different formats – additionally, legal requirements for the storage of documents and data. Besides the high costs of staff for sorting and filing, researching files and customer correspondence takes up unnecessary time. All this has an end, when you opt for the YAVEON Dynamics fileplan!

YAVEON Dynamics File Planer is a ready-made template to support your sales processes, which is based on Microsoft SharePoint and consolidates your documents in one sales record. The solution handles both outgoing and incoming documents. As a result, not only your ERP documents are available within SharePoint, but all other process-relevant documents as well. Your added value: The user remains in its leading application Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

You want more? We are happy to extend our template to other files, document types or provide it with a complete processing of incoming invoices.

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The advantages of YAVEON file plan at a glance:

  • Direct access of stored documents from Microsoft Dynamics ERP
  • Summary of all the documents in specific processes and files (customer file, transaction file, order file)
  • Seamless integration of documents with the ERP processes
  • Microsoft unified platform and thus familiar interface for users
  • All information is available to all employees at a central location
  • Consistent authorization system

You are interested in the file plan? Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to explaining in more detail the advantages of YAVEON files plan for your business in a personal conversation.

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Hannes Leitner
Hannes Leitner
Head of Portal Solutions
+49 (931) 46555 - 2976

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