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APIVITA: Standard Processes for Certified Natural Cosmetics

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
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10 Mio.

Standard processes for certified natural cosmetics

APIVITA, the first natural cosmetics company ever established in Greece, has been creating natural, effective and holistic products designed to promote health and beauty for over 35 years.

The company engages in the design, development, production, marketing and sales of cosmetic products in Greece and abroad, the production of plant extracts used as raw materials in its products and the trade of dietary supplements and bee products. It employs over 250 employees, produces approximately 300 different product codes and has sold over 7.5 million items.

APIVITA is established in fourteen countries, including the USA, Japan (10 stores), Hong Kong (11 stores) and Spain (over 600 pharmacies and a store in Madrid).

Over the last 10 years the company has been working with „EFFECT,“ applying the latter‘s Microsoft Dynamic Nav system. Following the establishment of a new plant manufacturing natural extracts and cosmetics, the company needed to expand its system to organize all production activities with respect to sales and inventory management. Through the YAVEON ProBatch Add-on solution, EFFECT has provided APIVITA with an integrated solution for all its needs enabling the company to automate all company procedures within a very short period of time.

„YAVEON ProBatch has offered APIVITA more than what ordinary production process systems can offer, standing up to the highest industry standards.“
Vasilis Karpodinis
Head of Operations at


„The company‘s investment in a privately-owned production plant and storage facilities has required expansion of Microsoft Dynamics Nav (the existing system), to ensure efficient monitoring of the production process, better production planning and warehouse management.“ Vassilis Karpodinis.


The biggest advantage drawn from YAVEON ProBatch is that it offers direct feedback through a common system. No bridging or follow up is required. Both the management and the system users are supplied with real-time rather than updated information.


„YAVEON ProBatch has offered APIVITA more than what ordinary production process systems can offer, standing up to the highest industry standards. Thanks to the YAVEON Probach addon solution installed by EFFECT, APIVITA was able to raise its performance to the highest level“, notes Mr. Vassilis Karpodinis.

ERP solution for the
Cosmetics Industry


Monitoring of materials

YAVEON ProBatch allows for the classification and sorting of all materials into raw materials, packaging materials, extracts, semi-finished products and finished products, hence ensuring the efficient management of the available production resources.

Production process

Compared to other industries, the production process is rather complex and demanding, mainly due to the fact that specialized knowhow is required on medicines and natural extracts. The functionalities offered by the production protocol generated by YAVEON ProBatch, which integrates the various process phases and technical specifications into a single form, offer many additional options, such as the creation of production orders per production quantity etc. The system groups the commands, checks the availability of production resources and allows users to efficiently track all inventories and purchase orders.

Warehouse Management

Through the functionalities offered by YAVEON ProBatch, a wireless network has been installed at the company‘s storage facilities allowing for all warehouse activities to be carried out automatically by means of a mobile Scanner. The system user obtains real time information for all items in transit while all users are notified of the available inventory and the exact position of the products as soon as they are placed in the warehouse.

„The automated production processes, quality controls and collection / placement and delivery procedures combined with optimized storage procedures have reduced collection times substantially and increased both productivity and staff efficiency“ adds Mr. Vassilis Karpodinis. „Following the automation of all storage procedures, the company no longer needs to use specialized warehouse management staff. New employees are now able to work efficiently after just a short period of training.“

Quality control

The efficient coordination and organization of production on many different levels leaves no room for inconsistencies or gaps between any phases of the production process. One of these phases is quality control, which is completely automated thanks to the YAVEON ProBatch rule management procedure. All results are recorded in the system and instantly available for future use.

„APIVITA has achieved a great return on investment within a minimum amount of time and has laid a solid basis for spreading out its philosophy through the products and services it offers in the international markets.“ Vassilis Karpodinis, Head of Operations, APIVITA.


Industry Solution at APIVITA


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