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crenox: Defying the crisis with ERP

Paints & Coatings
500 Employees

Once again this needed to be: on time, within budget and within scope.

crenox GmbH has been dissolved within the scope of its American parent company‘s bankruptcy proceedings and was forced to implement a new ERP system in no time at all. YAVEON implemented Microsoft Dynamics for 40 users with the YAVEON chemical industry solution in a turnaround of just six weeks.

„What particularly impressed us about YAVEON was its industrial expertise and stringent implementation concept.“
Stefan Schaap
Interim Manager at


Unter Zeitdruck ein ERP-System zu finden, das bis zum 03. August 2009 in allen Abteilungen lauffähig ist. Eine Standardlösung, die wirklich passt.


Mit Microsoft Dynamics ist crenox jetzt gut ausgestattet. Die Zahlen und Prozesse sind transparent und die Gesamtoptimierung kann zentral vorangetrieben werden.


Die turbulenten Zeiten sind damit noch nicht ganz ausgestanden, aber der Traditionsstandort kann sich jetzt ganz auf sein Kerngeschäft konzentrieren.

ERP solution for the
Chemical Industry


Titanium dioxid

crenox GmbH has been producing titanium dioxide (TiO2) at its Uerdingen-based site since 1957. This white pigment is now a vital component of today‘s color and paint industry. With an annual production volume of 107,000 tons, crenox Uerdingen is one of the largest plants of its kind.

In March 2009, in the midst of the world‘s economic downturn, bad news was received by over 500 employees in Krefeld: Following the declaration of bankruptcy by its American parent company Tronox in November 2008, the German subsidiary was also forced to file for bankruptcy proceedings.

However, liquidator, Eberhard Stock regarded this as an excellent opportunity to secure the long-term future of the site by means of redevelopment. He appointed Stefan Schaap from Ad tempus consulting as the Interim Manager of the redevelopment.

As a result of the disengagement from its parent company, even the business software needed to be restructured. „Continuing to operate with the existing, proprietary ERP solution provided by the American subsidiary would not have made financial sense and would have hindered the sale of the site“, comments Schaap in relation to the initial situation.

Under time constraints

This was the reason why an ERP system needed to be operational in all departments by 3 August 2009. „We looked into three different providers. What particularly impressed us about YAVEON was its industrial expertise and stringent implementation concept“, says Head of IT, Björn Krause in relation to the evaluation.

The project finally got underway at the end of May, leaving just nine weeks for all project phases to be implemented, from the initial analysis to actually going live.

„Even when time is of the essence, it is of paramount importance that all phases of the project are performed faultlessly, otherwise the problems experienced during live operation become severe“, comments Michael Dierdorf, Project Manager at YAVEON.

An industry solution with business processes in mind.

At the same time Interim Manager Schaap ensured that his team consequently adjusted to the standard processes of Microsoft Dynamics and the YAVEON industry solution. „A modern and widely used ERP software application is even able to reflect current business findings, and I haven‘t found any evidence to the contrary to suggest that the standard of the industry solution is not sufficient for crenox“, states Schaap.

General Ledger, Purchases, Sales, Asset Accounting, Inventory/Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Controlling, and CRM have now been mapped in the system for 40 concurrent users.

A further challenge consisted in connecting the production control and maintenance system. Thanks to YAVEON ProE-SCM, interfaces could be created here in no time at all.

Going live

In order for crenox GmbH to be able to work independently and even reproduce and test the entire 2009 fiscal year in Microsoft Dynamics, in the case of the general ledger, it was essential that YAVEON transferred no fewer than 220,000 general ledger entries and more than 12,000 fixed asset ledger entries into the new system.

Strict project management

„We wouldn‘t have been able to convert the ERP system, had it not been for the excellent work of Project Manager, Michael Dierdorf from YAVEON“, says Schaap. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics, crenox is now prepared for all eventualities. The figures and processes are transparent and the entire optimization can be driven from a central location. The turbulent times are not quite a thing of the past, but what‘s certain now is that this traditional site will be able to focus on what it does best, producing titanium dioxide.


Defying the crisis with ERP


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