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DAW: Integrated Quality Management

Paints & Coatings
Over 5.600 Employees
In over 40 Countries 29 Production sites

Integrated management system and quality management using Microsoft SharePoint

From Access to SharePoint

At Robert Murjahn‘s German Amphibolin factory, or DAW SE for short, production, the various products and employee well-being are all characterised by high environmental and sustainability standards. Its innovation management was also honoured with a Top 100 innovation award back in 2009. This strategy is embedded in DAW‘s corporate philosophy and institutionalised within the company by means of an integrated management system that comprises quality management, environmental management and occupational safety. Regular internal and external audits and certification in accordance with internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, confirm the organisation‘s high level of maturity.

The aim of supporting the quality management system using the SharePoint platform was to develop this level of maturity. The process descriptions, operating instructions and check-lists were previously distributed on file servers at the individual sites. The documents‘ metadata was centrally managed in an Access database, resulting in slow, manually executed workflows.

„The aim was therefore to introduce a central quality management system with an integrated workspace and publication level, that can withstand the strict classification of good manufacturing practice and sustainable business,“ said Jakob Bickelhaupt, responsible for SharePoint at DAW.

„The project implementation was great and the workflows are all running smoothly.“
Karin Bergmann
Quality Management Expert at


Avoidance of manually executed workflows; easier to find and store documents in a single system.


A central quality management system based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for all templates, check-lists and operating instructions– to facilitate compliance with standards.


A central document management system for all German quality management documents that meets both ISO standards and DAW‘s industry standards; time saving, thanks to automated workflows and no conflicting tasks.

ERP solution for the
Chemical Industry


YAVEON‘s tasks

Based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, YAVEON developed a central quality management system for all DAW‘s process descriptions, checklists and standard operating instructions, to facilitate its compliance with standards. The previous Access database could therefore be replaced.

Key priorities were:

  • Creation of a uniform user interface for the integrated management system
  • Workflows should automate editing, approval and distribution. Establishing Nintex workflows for revision, audit, approval and suspension
  • Transferring the previous documents from file servers and combining with document IDs and metadata, as well as link mapping for direct access to the associated documents in the SharePoint environment
  • Setting up administrative records
  • Designing input screens for a secure user interface to comply with quality regulations

Customer benefits

Together with YAVEON, DAW succeeded in establishing a central document management system for all its German quality management documents that meets both ISO standards and DAW‘s industry standards. All preparation, review and approval tasks have been automated in workflows. The ability to check out documents ensures that no conflicting tasks are performed. The metadata stored in the administrative records result in efficient document management and simplify searches and authorisation assignments. The familiar Windows user interface ensures a high level of user acceptance from the outset. All entries are validated in the system, so that the metadata are correctly completed and meet internal standards.


DAW SE is known to most people thanks to Alpinaweiß, Europe‘s best-selling interior paint. Caparol, with its striped elephant logo, is the brand for professional tradesmen. DAW is one of Europe‘s leading architectural coatings firms. Its products include high-quality paints, plasters, enamels, glazes, energysaving thermal insulation composite systems, acoustic systems, decorative interior wall coverings and monument preservation products. The company‘s headquarters and largest production site are located in Ober-Ramstadt in southern Hessen, where its tower production facility has an output of 150,000 t/year and has been certified as having the highest productivity in a pan-European comparison study. DAW has 10 sites in Germany and is represented in over 40 countries, especially in Eastern Europe.


DAW SE focuses on quality


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