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Gustav Heess: Optimising the Quality Control Process

oils and fats
100 Employees

Gustav Heess Group is using YAVEON industry solution.

The Gustav Heess Group is a leading supplier and manufacturer of vegetable fats, oils and oleochemicals for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. A familyowned enterprise with a tradition extending back more than a century, the company operates nine subsidiaries and production units in Europe, the US and Asia.

„In my professional life I have experienced three Dynamics implementations with three different partners. The YAVEON implementation was by far the best.“
Bettina Pillich
Head of Logistics at
Gustav Heess


Setting up a company-wide information logistics, covering all language and legal requirements in the countries financial accounts and having integrated formulation and charge management.


YAVEON industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics for quality management, financial accounting and inventory management.


Optimized business processes, quick reaction on challenges set by globalisation and changes in the market, more flexibility and security of investment.

ERP solution for the
Chemical Industry


In order to meet its customers’ demands efficiently at all times, Heess Group focuses on manufacturing products to the highest quality. Recently, it decided to implement an enterprise resource planning and quality management solution from German Microsoft Dynamics partner YAVEON to optimise its entire quality control process.

When selecting the YAVEON industry solution for Microsoft Dynamics with the integrated quality management module, Heess Group had a number of requirements that needed to be met. The solution had to be easy to implement, offer comprehensive quality control across all process stages and be able to check the quality of in-house developed products as well as vendor batches.

Now, using the new solution, Heess Group can be sure of its ability to check quality across all stages of the manufacturing cycle, from goods receiving, in-process control, ad hoc jobs and outgoing goods, to the retesting of items stored for long periods of time and stability testing. Every quality check can be carried out according to different criteria and results are stored in the system. Rules also help to specify how a test should be carried out, for how many samples should be taken, how many tests per sample are required. Heess Group can then run extensive reports and statistics to achieve an overall picture of the cost of tests as well as monitor test results.

Test method administration, sample testing, random test number administration, as well as the printing of test labels and reference sample labels are all handled in the solution.

The YAVEON industry solution also allows Heess Group to ensure that only trained personnel carry out particular tests and use suitable testing equipment. This can be traced back at any point in time. The system manages the test equipment that should be used as well as the testing of all other items.

Functionality within the YAVEON solution also includes a weighing system, which covers the entire manufacturing process. For example, the system supports several dispense types such as single weighing, additive weighing, batch weighing, additive batch weighing, bulk weighing, weighing by difference/removal, yield weighing and manual weighing.

The solution also optimises the process of put-away, picking and storage restrictions. It specifies how different items should be stored, it ensures certain items are not stored together and it helps to ensure an unbroken cold chain.


ERP with the right Partner


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