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For Laboratório Edol

How our portuguese sales partner Arquiconsult successfully implemented our ERP industry solution at the pharmaceutical company Laboratório Edol.


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ERP with YAVEON and our sales partner Arquiconsult


Laboratório Edol – Produtos Farmacêuticos


Pharmaceutical production

Company Size

More than 200 employees

Operating Model



Worldwide with focus on europe

ERP for Ayanda for the pharma industry

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ERP Industry Solution

Based on Business Central

With more than 70 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, Laboratório Edol — Produtos Farmacêuticos, S. A. specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, body care products and food supplements. The company's main objective, over the years, has always been to be a reference in the European pharmaceutical market, maintaining leadership and innovation in areas in which it operates nationally, strengthening and expanding international alliances, with the best therapeutic alternatives for human and veterinary use.

The industry development required changing to new facilities. The construction of a new factory unit became imperative — a process that is still ongoing. According to Pedro Brito, Edol's Chief Information Ocer, "with business growth and expansion, Edol had the need to evolve in production management and quality control".

Being an organization dedicated to pharmaceutical area, it is permanently concerned with innovating its technological systems, and management is no exception to this rule. Recently, the administration felt the need to implement Yaveon-ProBatch ERP, based on NAV 2017 and, for this purpose, chose Arquiconsult as partner.

The implementation process went smoothly, however "the departments that initially felt the most impact were production and quality, at medium-term logistics, manufacturing and purchasing planning", said Pedro Brito.

"Arquiconsult was our choice as it demonstrated to have all the conditions and knowledge in productive areas to be the ideal partner for the process.

Pedro Brito, Chief Information Officer, Edol

Arqui Consult

The perfect partner for the implementation and the future

YAVEON ProBatch is a software that benefits from years of industry experience, exceptional expertise in consulting, and the resources that make this ERP the perfect solution for any manufacturing company — including industries in the regulated environments. This solution supports business processes and ensures compliance with legal procedures, industry standards and quality policies. Specifically in the pharmaceutical area, it's a solution that enables quality control, auditing, batch management and more — working in compliance with international regulations.

Now, the company is still in the process of adapting users to the new ERP. "We hope very soon to train key-users by business areas so that the departments are more autonomous and "greedy" for solutions that can improve even more their daily work", clarified the director.

Arquiconsult accompanied, monitored, and supported the project development from the beginning. “Arquiconsult was our choice as it demonstrated to have all the conditions and knowledge in productive areas to be the ideal partner for the process", he states.

In the future, Edol considers being able to implement a WMS solution, in the logistics area, with the same partner. "What we expect from Arquiconsult in the future is just the same commitment and effort in presenting innovative solutions that will help us to perpetuate our business for another 70 years. Our success is always the success of our partner", he concluded.

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