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Learn how Albert Kerbl GmbH managed to reduce costs, connect partners, handle processes automated and, at the same time, reduce their workload.


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YAVEON ProE-SCM: Flexibility meets automation


Albert Kerbl GmbH |


Animal supplies & feed


Approx. 450 employees




Over 110 countries

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


EDI had to be integrated directly into the ERP and, as a replacement for the previous service provider, had to cope with the high volume of paperwork and workload.


YAVEON ProE-SCM - the universal communication platform for data exchange.

Whether EDI, workflow, intercompany or automotive


  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Autonomous connection of EDI partners
  • Automated handling of processes
  • Reduced workload

Tradition and international growth

The Albert Kerbl GmbH

Albert Kerbl GmbH is an international manufacturing and trading company based in Buchbach and Ampfing with sales locations in Austria and France. The company offers an exceptionally broad, high-performance range of accessories for animal breeding and husbandry throughout Europe that is constantly kept in line with current trends. Whether in Europe, Australia, Russia, South Africa, the USA or Saudi Arabia: The products of Albert Kerbl GmbH are renowned worldwide.

ProE-SCM: Flexibility meets automation

Previously, Albert Kerbl GmbH used an external service provider to implement the electronic document exchange (EDI). Invoices or reminders were sent by traditional mail. When the obligation to digitally sign receipts was abolished, Albert Kerbl GmbH started looking for a solution that would enable both the exchange of EDI receipts and the fully automated sending of receipts via email. The declared goal: To use the know-how of their own R&D department and minimize dependencies on external service providers. Furthermore, for many of the company’s customers - including large corporations such as Dehner, Amazon, BayWa and Fressnapf - electronic document exchange is a prerequisite for approval as a supplier. This is exactly where the YAVEON ProE-SCM solution comes into play.

Kerbl was looking for a solution that was fully integrated into Dynamics NAV, offered a standardized implementation from a wide range of partners, but was flexible enough to be compatible with the customer-specific extensions to the system. YAVEON ProE-SCM is an holistic solution that covers all of these requirements. The Kerbl ERP system has grown over the years and through NAV versions and has been optimized according to their needs. As a result, the integration was challenging. “The YAVEON competence is outstanding and the solution met our high requirements exactly,” explains Florian Wandinger. “We had looked at simple modular solutions that only covered basic requirements, but with ProE-SCM, YAVEON offers a superb solution to meet even more complex demands. We also have the option of easily integrating our own developments,” Wandinger says, referencing the scalability of YAVEON ProE-SCM.

Wandinger also highlighted the technical and interpersonal cooperation: “Essentially: Everyone knows their own software best!”

This means, first of all - as in all other areas of life - you have to get to know each other. “After a brief orientation phase, we were soon on the same wavelength as our consultant and were always able to communicate on an honest and transparent footing. The support was consistently competent and appropriate. We cannot be without the YAVEON consultants now! ”

"The YAVEON competence is outstanding and the solution met our high requirements exactly."

Florian Wandinger, Kerbl GmbH


without programming

Customization without programming

Albert Kerbl uses YAVEON ProE-SCM far beyond the standard formats. Smaller customers often are not able to send standardized formats such as EDIFACT. In these cases, orders are submitted as a simple CSV file.

Due to the uniform framework, these documents are also processed without additional programming. With the support of YAVEON, Kerbl created a mapping to scan the receipts. Once this is done, the data is validated and processed as usual. The external format is less important in this case. This allows flat files or XML files to be exchanged without any problems.

A reliable solution for more efficiency

ProE-SCM is a guarantee of success in terms of work efficiency: Two years after the implementation, Albert Kerbl works largely independently with the YAVEON solution. The project started with the set up of the e-mail system. In the meantime, sales receipts, reminders, invoices, order confirmations and credit notes are primarily sent electronically. An automation rate of 99% has already been achieved for reminders.

In total, over 300,000 documents were sent using ProE-SCM in Germany alone. Consequently, the email delivery system is now being set up for the French and Austrian clients. “For the sales staff, this is obviously a great advantage. The automation saves a considerable amount of time and money. Our »The automation saves a considerable amount of time and money. « customers also benefit from the e-mail automation. They now automatically get a list of upcoming direct debits, which is well received. The set up of the e-mail dispatch was done very quickly and easily, ” Florian Wandinger enthused. The deputy IT manager of Albert Kerbl GmbH underlines: “The combination of job creation and job preservation and the constant optimization of business processes is how our company keeps our finger on the pulse and is able to set the right priorities.” Currently a large number of EDI Partner (with several clients), who were previously converted by the external service provider, have been replaced by ProE-SCM and are now directly processed in Dynamics NAV. The autonomous interface of the systems was particularly important to Albert Kerbl GmbH. This was made possible thanks to technical internal expertise and the simplicity of the YAVEON solution.

"The automation saves a considerable amount of time and money."

Florian Wandinger, Kerbl GmbH

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