ERP for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Developed according to GAMP 5: meets specifications of a validated ERP
  • For the highest quality standards throughout the entire production process
  • Secure processes that save time and promote innovation
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Compliant with regulations: our erp references in the pharmaceutical industry

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„It was clear from the first second that the consultants at YAVEON were knowledgeable about validation. Right from the start, the cooperation was excellent, and we were on the same page."

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„Just as with the NAV project a few years ago, the cooperation with YAVEON during the implementation of the EDI interface was also based on trust."

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„With the new software and electronic signatures, we save a lot of time and can log our processes in great detail – that’s exactly what we wanted.”

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„We got started right away and drew on YAVEON’s experience and advice.“

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The most important advantages of our ERP system for the pharmaceutical industry

Those who rely on Microsoft ERP can look forward to a very special advantage: intuitive operation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch impress with the typical Microsoft look and feel.

Reliable quality control

Maximum production safety with a reduced workload and more transparency - this is what you and your customers get with the quality control of our Pharma ERP system.

  • Compliance and rules compliant
  • Reliable and continuous quality controls
  • Error prevention from the first second, thanks to quality constraint
  • Process-related automatic creation of inspection orders

ERP validation and compliance

Reduced workload and more safety: With our ERP for pharmaceutical companies, you can approach audits calmly, and meet the numerous regulations of the pharma industry.

  • Developed according to the specifications of GAMP 5
  • Product documentation and templates for validation processes
  • Change process and update scenarios are supported
  • System adaptable to your validation specifications requirements.

Document changes with audit trail

Higher data quality, fulfilled verification requirements, and increased safety. Do you need to know who made specific changes at a specific time? You can find that out immediately and conclusively.

  • Compliance with relevant regulations
  • Critical data can be freely parameterized
  • Protective mechanisms at field level
  • Documentation of changes and the cause

Research & Development, including recipe management

With our centralized and seamless documentation, you can free up time for creative minds to focus on research and development of new products. This will please your customers and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

  • Development and version management of recipes
  • Targeted release of recipes for production and recipe management
  • Calculate costs of new products directly in the system
  • Includes all relevant product features

Batch management and traceability

Do you sometimes need to respond quickly and require maximum security to start a trace? That’s possible. Thanks to a reliable overview of the current status of your batches.

  • Complete, detailed, and multi-level lot traceability
  • Full batch/serial number tracking and split & mix batches
  • Management of batch status and batch characteristics
  • Takes into account the entire flow of goods

Production planning and control

Reduce errors, make optimal use of machine capacities, and have more time to focus on the key drivers of your success. This may sound to good to be true, but it’s possible with our pharma ERP.

  • Complete management of manufacturing and planning
  • Constant overview of stock levels and availability
  • Deployment capture
  • Graphic control station

Successful supplier management

Our solution for pharmaceutical companies provides you with powerful arguments for supplier negotiations, and enables you to develop a professional business relationship. Build your entire supply chain sustainably, efficiently, and in compliance with regulations.

  • Configurable supplier qualification with hard & soft criteria
  • Automated evaluation of schedule and quantity adherence
  • Integration of risk monitoring
  • Quality qualification via testing system based on delivered products

Meet compliance requirements

The regulations around handling your batches are strict. Map them more easily and consistently reduce errors. If required, you are prepared for any eventuality, compliant, and able to provide complete information. To summarize, aou don’t have to worry about upcoming audits.

  • Integrated batch tracing
  • Data fields define who is allowed to make which changes
  • Audit Trail
  • Data integrity

Shelf life and expiration control

Reduce costs for your company by optimizing the products with our pharma ERP. Use the goods at the right time, with the best result. This saves raw materials, resources, and money.

  • Systematic avoidance of process problems
  • Minimum and residual shelf life management

Transparent warehouse and logistics management

Accelerated processing, reduced administrative efforts, as well as full transparency - you get all this with our ERP for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Separation of storage areas such as narcotics or refrigerated storage
  • Mapping of complex storage strategies
  • Quarantine and other batch statuses are taken into account
  • Extensive availability calculation regarding batch status and rules set

Trading module

You can meet typical customer requirements in no time at all. As our trading module helps pharmaceutical companies do more with less effort.

  • Multiple header and line discounts and discounts in kind
  • Calculation of surcharges/discounts, such as freight and insurance
  • Bonus and commission accounting
  • Use of all data for processing customer orders in the sales process

Do more with extensions: Expand ERP for the pharmaceutical industry

Software solutions are good when they make your everyday work noticeably easier - and can be extended with even more benefits if required.
Like our ERP for the pharmaceutical industry.

Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten unseres ERP-Systems

Microsoft Power BI for meaningful data analyses as well as evaluations of process and financial key figures

Electronic data exchange with suppliers, distributors, and more with ESCM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for a full overview of your business relationships

Digitalize business processes with the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft ERP meets ERP industry solution

Are you looking for more information on our ERP system for the pharmaceutical industry? You have come to the right place.

  • This enables you to comply with regulations and implement our solution in a validated manner.
  • Future-proof your company with our solution.
  • These highlights make your everyday work easier - and much more.

FAQs: Answers to the most important questions about our erp for pharmaceuticals


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