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Our Communication

Honest exchange, open communication and a feedback culture that is put into action - YAVEON stands for true teamwork. We experience this in our daily business and so will youbecause this spirit automatically shows in our customer projects.

As your expert for ERP solutions and consultant in times of digitalization, Team YAVEON is at your side. 

Our Management

York Braune Vorstand der YAVEON AG

York Braune
Chief Executive Officer

Foto Gebhard Schwan COO der YAVEON

Gebhard Schwan
Chief Operations Officer


Nils Mandler
Director Operations

Head of Finance Sam Macaulay

Sam Macaulay
Head of Finance

Head of Sales Winfried Stahl

Winfried Stahl
Head of Sales

Head of HR Sophie Braun

Sophie Braun
Head of HR

Head of Partner Management Michael Ebinger

Michael Ebinger
Head of Partner Management

Our Advisory Board

Crevan O’Grady

Crevan O’Grady

„Delighted to partner with YAVEON on their journey to become the global leader for Microsoft Dynamics for process manufacturing. We continue to see a promising market opportunity and could not imagine a better team to capture it.“

Jarlath Dooley

Jarlath Dooley

„Helping ambitious, employee and customer-focused IT companies to scale is my passion. I believe that investing in People & Culture is the foundation for successfully scaling businesses. 

Marc Andreoli

Marc Andreoli

„As a technology investor, I am passionate about helping ambitious leadership teams to scale their organisations and accelerate sustainable growth.“

Strengthening companies, drive progress, securing the future

2008. A group of IT experts founded a company to guide customers from the life science sector on their digital journey. The company grew and expanded its services. About seven years later, it hit a low point. But the squad was more than a group of experts. It was a team. Together, with much integrity, hard work, and courage, they overcame the crisis.

With success: 2020 was the company's most successful fiscal year to date. With a spirit of trust and openness, they worked together with one goal: To advise and guide customers, and to offer solutions that generate tangible added value.

Celebrating peaks and overcoming slumps - not just in your own organization, but in your customers - isn’t something that every company can do - Team YAVEON can.

Journey through time
  1. We have Liftoff

    April 2008

    As AXXESS Consult, later AVATIS, the company takes off. The first two locations are in Würzburg and Dortmund.

    Audited successfully at the first attempt

    September 2008

    30 September 2008 is a special day for YAVEON, as the company is immediately approved as a supplier in the first audit. The preliminary work - to establish a functioning and auditable quality management system as a foundation for working in a regulated environment - was completed in just six months.

    Microsoft certifies YAVEON products

    October 2008

    1 October 2008 is the day: The ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch is launched after only six months of development. Together with ProE-SCM, the YAVEON solution for automated data exchange, ProBatch is successfully certified by Microsoft. To this day, they are the heart of the company.

  2. AVATIS becomes YAVEON

    June 2009

    The company continues to develop - and with it, the name: AVATIS becomes YAVEON. The name is deliberately abstract. Its round, pleasant and modern sound reflects the essence of the company: project work in partnership.

  3. Partner business


    YAVEON starts to build up a partner network. The goal: To make our own products available to international customers with a local partner.

  4. Growth


    YAVEON is growing: We open the Cologne, Freiburg, and Leutkirch offices. Another milestone is the foundation of YAVEON Schweiz AG in Zurich.

  5. A partnership that prevents paper chaos


    Paperwork, stacks of paper and overfilled binders are a thing of the past. Because with the document management solutions of d.velop AG, YAVEON offers new possibilities: structure with little effort and proven YAVEON consulting.

  6. YAVEON at a crossroads


    If you want to celebrate success, you have to be able to admit defeat: We prefer to say 2015 was challenging, not miserable. But it was clear that we wouldn’t give up. The causes were sought and found. Everyone in the company worked together to secure our future. Admirable - because with new energy, improved organization and a lot of courage, YAVEON has been growing continuously ever since.

    A new CFO for YAVEON

    August 2015

    If you want to celebrate success, you have to be able to admit defeat: We prefer to say 2015 was challenging, not miserable. But it was clear that we wouldn’t give up. The causes were sought and found. Everyone in the company worked together to secure our future. Admirable - because with new energy, improved organization and a lot of courage, YAVEON has been growing continuously ever since.

  7. A partnership that makes work easier

    March 2017

    Optimizing and digitizing processes - this applies not only to the core processes that are mapped in the ERP or DMS, but also to secondary processes. This is because these can block up to 40% of the available personnel capacity in companies. Provide customers with digital workflows that facilitate or even automate regular work steps: With this goal in mind, YAVEON decided to partner with the low-code manufacturer WEBCON.

  8. York Braune takes over as CEO of YAVEON.

    July 2018

    People-centered leadership is moving to the forefront of the corporate culture - a guarantee of success that was noticeable from the very first second.

  9. Rebranding


    The YAVEON identity continues to evolve. To express this, the company undertook a comprehensive rebranding. New logo, new imagery, new language - YAVEON is different, and with good reason: IT does not have to be boring and complicated.

  10. 50 audits passed

    May 2020

    When you operate in a regulated environment, you must consistently offer performance at the very highest level. Numerous successful audits prove that YAVEON can do this - the 50. The company received approval as a supplier in May 2020.

    New successes - despite COVID-19


    A year that we will all remember: 2020 was marked by COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, YAVEON celebrated its most successful business year in the company's history to date and published its first industry app in Microsoft Appsource.

  11. A partnership built on exchange and growth

    February 2021

    YAVEON brings even more expertise on board: With Afinum, a new perspective expands the focus. The utilization of strengths and healthy growth are the goals. Here, too, the central theme is partnership - it is the togetherness that makes a functioning unit out of two companies.

    Change of name to YAVEON GmbH

    March 2021

    From AG to GmbH - why? More capacity to act, less bureaucracy: As a limited liability company, YAVEON is optimally positioned to set the course for the future together with its strategic partner Afinum. With the change of name, the previous COO, Gebhard Schwan joins the company's management as the second managing director alongside York Braune.

    A partnership built on quality

    March 2021

    Why reinvent the wheel when it's already turning? For digital quality management solutions, YAVEON relies on the software of their experienced partner, d.velop Life Sciences GmbH and can meet the high QM requirements of its customers and interests.

    TOP midmarket employers

    November 2021

    Company culture should be more than just an excellent slogan. An award by German media company Focus shows that YAVEON understands this. YAVEON is one of the Focus TOP Employers in medium-sized companies.

  12. A partnership that creates knowledge

    February 2022

    Our new partner: Empolis GmbH. The company enables data analysis that supports decision-making, and uses knowledge-based AI and Knowledge-Graph-Technology to map business processes and relationships. YAVEON solutions stand for digitalization with added value. The combination is unbeatable.

    YAVEON acquires OctoCon

    March 2022

    YAVEON is growing. We were delighted to announce the 100% takeover of OctoCon GmbH. We were even more pleased to welcome our new colleagues to Team YAVEON. Right from the first moment, it was clear – YAVEON and OctoCon. We are one.

    Silver Sponsor of Directions EMEA in Hamburg

    September 2022

    Directions EMEA is an incredible annual Microsoft Partner event, and 2023 was a particular highlight. 20 Team YAVEON members attended the event – for the first time with a booth and dedicated sessions.

    The YAVEON Academy

    November 2022

    Anyone can have a career in the IT industry. That’s why we founded the YAVEON Talent Academy. During the 12-month program, we train experienced professionals and those changing careers as consultants or developers (m/f/d) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  13. 15 years yaveon: we're celebrating our birthday!

    April 2023

    In April 2008, our company history began and so we celebrated our 15th anniversary in 2023. The whole year was under the motto "15 years YAVEON" and we honored the year with numerous team events.

    Insights, ideas and exchange: customer day

    June 2023

    After a four-year break, it was finally time on June 14th: We welcomed numerous guests to our customer day in Würzburg. The focus was on news from our product world, the Microsoft universe, and our Talent Academy.


    Globally in use: international partnership business

    June 2023

    In order to be able to provide our products to more and more companies internationally, we work with around 40 sales partners worldwide - the trend is upwards! An important part of the partner business is the annual Microsoft partner event Directions, at which we have been represented for many years - for the first time in 2023 as a gold sponsor. What an honor!

    Drive transformation and growth

    November 2023

    Growth, cloud, and future security: In recent years, we have set ambitious goals for ourselves - all of which we have achieved. Now we want to further advance our transformation and for this we are relying on the partnership with the London-based company Volpi Capital.

    On a growth path: over 200 employees

    December 2023

    A strong employer brand and a future-proof industry: We are still facing the skills shortage and are proud that the YAVEON team consists of over 200 employees. In the spring of this year, our Talent Academy also started. Participants learn the tools to become consultants or developers in one year. No prior knowledge is required, lateral entrants are welcome. Twice a year, in April and October, a new class starts their career in the YAVEON world.


Communication & Presence

Honest dialogue and an open ear - we shape our communication according to these values.

Gerechtigkeit Icon

Fairness & Equality

Young or experienced. Internship and Management: Every employee is heard.

Verlässlichkeit Icon

Appreciation & Recognition

A sense of unity isn’t inevitable - but it’s absolutely critical. That’s why we place such importance on gratitude.

Icon Anerkennung

Credibility & Trust

We are honest and can rely on each other. This is how even the greatest challenge becomes a success.

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How we work at YAVEON

  • We encourage & guide employees to use their strengths for mutual success.
  • We create and live by standards to ensure quality in every product and service.
  • We are courageous, make decisions, find solutions & show the way.
  • We empower our employees to realize their full potential.
  • We see the person behind the employee.
  • We live an open & respectful feedback culture based on commitment, honesty, & trust.

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