Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Focusing on the customer

Building Long-Lasting Customer relation­­ships with customer relation­­ship manage­­ment

  • All your customer interactions in one place
  • Universal access for all stakeholders
  • 360-degree view leads to improved long-term customer relationships
  • Fully integrated into the ERP system Microsoft Business Central
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What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is software that helps you manage and maintain customer relationships long-term. To do this, Dynamics CRM keeps a holistic view of all interactions with your customers. Your benefit: You can react perfectly. Always.

Microsoft CRM – for whom the solution suitable


  • Get a better overview of the sales pipeline and track it more easily
  • Track, test, evaluate and optimize defined strategies
  • Plan and evaluate results


  • Develop and execute campaigns
  • Measure and evaluate project success, evaluate strategies
  • Run customer-centric campaigns


  • Respond to customer inquiries more accurately
  • Reduce reaction times
  • Increase customer satisfaction


  • Keep an eye on key performance indicators
  • Monitor the fulfillment of strategic goals
  • Use data to make more sustainable business decisions

Full integration: Combine your CRM with your ERP System...

A CRM is good - it's even better if you connect it to your ERP system. Microsoft CRM fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, providing tangible benefits.

  • Contact data is always up-to-date in both systems
  • New sales opportunities and quotes visible to all
  • Real-time information in CRM on open items and orders

... or seamlessly with other Apps like Outlook or Power BI.

Microsoft CRM – the four biggest advantages

Familiar look and feel

Who doesn’t know the classic Microsoft interface design? Exactly. Working in Microsoft CRM is intuitive, and that means that you can concentrate on your everyday tasks.


As all customer information is available in the CRM solution, employees can view the current status in dashboards at any time. This makes it easier to respond to customer inquiries, improves communication, reduces effort, and saves time.

Data Protextion compliant

Are you worried about whether your customer data is stored securely in Microsoft CRM? They are: CRM from Microsoft meets the GDPR requirements. Giving you peace of mind when working on customer relationships.

Long_term customer relations

The CRM features are aligned and work together. The result: You can immediately see relevant information about a process, and react appropriately. For long-term satisfied customers.

What the six modules of microsoft CRM do

The Sales module is the foundation for the Sales team’s work. With minimal effort, you can maintain vital information about your customers. If you want to see the status of a customer case from last month, you are only a few clicks away from an update.

  • Planning and management of possible sales orders
  • Real-time coaching for better customer communication
  • Insight into specific information that facilitates customer discussions

Field service teams, take note: With the Field Service module, you can improve and facilitate the planning and timing of your tasks. And the available tools support you to increase profits.

  • More productivity thanks to contextual information and assistance
  • Remote collaboration
  • Optimized resource planning

Customers want information that is easily accessible - and that is exactly what the Customer Service module enables. Documents, expertise, and so on - minimal effort, you can offer your customers top service.

  • Personalized customer experience
  • Direct access to internal knowledge database
  • Analysis of support findings

Planning, overview, coordination, and evaluation - your marketing department needs these features every day. They can access it all digitally. Because all the features that Marketing needs to increase customer loyalty are right there in the Marketing module.

  • Manage campaigns
  • Maintain and segment lists
  • Create reports

Keep an overview of contracts, procedures, and project statuses. The topics that play an essential role for decision-makers. With the Management module, you can keep a close eye on all this information.

  • Create and use knowledge databases
  • Contracts, correspondence, etc.
  • Manage responses

Keeping a close eye on planning, timing, and budget on a daily basis isn’t easy. Yes, it is! With the Project Service Automation module, you can see the current status with just a few clicks.

  • Dashboards in realtime
  • Expenditure and income at a glance
  • Scheduling overview

Do you need one module, two, or all of them? You choose which features you want to use, and expand them at any time as needed.

Microsoft CRM: How to use it.


External hosting of the software via Microsoft.


Hosting via Microsoft partners.


The software is set up on site at the company.

FAQs: Answers to the most important questions about Microsoft CRM

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