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How we help you introduce your customized
software solutions

  • Get the maximum benefit from your software
  • Optimized implementation times to save time and money
  • Benefit from our experience and industry expertise
  • Manage company resources

Eliminate installation risks - with implementation consulting

Reduce workload and risk while saving time - software can be a great benefit to your company. However, the risks are just as great if the implementation goes wrong.

Wasting time

You worry about wasting time on a solution that doesn’t add value, or doesn’t even work.

Reluctant users

You use precious resources to install the solution, but your employees don’t accept it.

Expensive and impossible to manage

In the back of your mind, you always wonder if the software was really worth the money. Can the employees deal with the implementation alongside their daily business?


The software must comply with regulations if it is to be used safely. If these regulations aren’t met, you may incur penalties.

What to do? The answer is Implementation Consulting by YAVEON.

Here is what our customers have to say

Referenzlogo Menicon

"The first month after the go-live was difficult, but YAVEON quickly solved the problems. We had good consultants who supported us."

Michael Bachmann,
Menicon GmbH

Referenzlogo Neumeister Hydraulik

"We know YAVEON, and YAVEON knows us. That’s an established relationship. We share a common language that leads us to success."

Reinhold Mayer,
Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH

Referenzlogo Hameln Pharma

"Just as with the NAV project a few years ago, the cooperation with YAVEON during the implementation of the EDI interface was also based on trust."

Dr. Stefan Bartsch,
hameln pharma GmbH

What is special about YAVEON Implementation Consulting?

From A to Z

Whether you are introducing an ERP solution, want to use a clearly structured document management system, or want to finally digitalize your entire company - YAVEON Implementation Consulting has what you need to do it right.


When the required knowledge meets the necessary skills, that's YAVEON consulting. We bring the expertise needed to get you and your software project to the finish line and generate long-term benefits. Years of experience, countless projects, and over 550 satisfied customers. With each completed project, we add knowledge and skills that we pass on to you in your project.


Really successful projects stand and fall with honest communication. Openness and a willingness to communicate on an equal footing, even in the face of challenges - this is a part of YAVEON Implementation Consulting.

Personalized consulting

Individual and standard at the same time? It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s possible. Because YAVEON Implementation Consulting focuses on you and your needs. At the same time, we stay as close as possible to the standard.

Industry know-how

The life sciences industry is a sensitive field, there are many important things to consider. Sound advice requires a lot of knowledge. We have it. YAVEON is as at home in your industry as you are. What if there is a change of conditions or new requirements? We stay up-to-date.


To be completely honest: Nobody is perfect - not even us. So what do we do if we can’t answer a question? The trick is partners: With our extensive partner network, we have the right answer for even the trickiest question in a short time.

How does a project with YAVEON work? Proven project methodology leads to reliable planning: 

The YAVEON project methodology ProCedures

What’s so special about it?

In the software environment, a hands-on mentality is useful. The project participants are introduced to the system right away so that they connect to the environment right from the start.

Central standard processes:

Why make it complicated when it could be simple? We rely on standard processes that are run directly on the system, to provide results in a short time.

New opportunities:

Putting aside what you are used to is not always easy. YAVEON ProCedures is designed to engage project participants with the new system right from the start.


Good, better, best. Optimizing your software solutions down to the last detail is enormously important in order to profit from them in the long term. Optimization, yes - but only when the basic process is complete.

What are the different steps ot the implementation methodology YAVEON Procedures?


After the project is before the project 

The project is done, and the go-live was successful. And now? Don't worry - the YAVEON consultants are still there for you, even after the project phase has been completed. If you have questions, if something isn’t clear, if or you wish for more possibilities or changes— YAVEON works with you to get the most out of your software long-term.

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