Food ERP - made to
simplify your complex processes

  • For increased transparency, trend-conscious acting, and accurate costing
  • Meets the relevant regulations of the food industry
  • For top quality products with maximum freshness
Food production process on the assembly line
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YAVEON ProBatch covers the following areas:

icon beverages Beverages
icon spirits Spirits
icon frozen food Frozen Food
icon perishable food Perishable Food
icon organic & natural Organic & Natural
icon pet food Pet Food
icon fine foods Fine Foods
icon dairy Dairy
icon bakery Bakery
icon spices Spices
icon confectionery Confectionery
icon sauce and dressing Sauce and Dressing
icon beverages Beverages
icon spirits Spirits
icon frozen food Frozen Food
icon perishable food Perishable Food
icon organic & natural Organic & Natural
icon pet food Pet Food
icon fine foods Fine Foods
icon dairy Dairy
icon bakery Bakery
icon spices Spices
icon confectionery Confectionery
icon sauce and dressing Sauce and Dressing

Our greatest pleasure: Satisfied food erp customers

The most important advantages of our ERP solution for the food industry

Those who rely on Microsoft ERP can look forward to a very special advantage: intuitive operation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and our industry solution YAVEON ProBatch impress with the typical Microsoft look and feel.

Shelf life and expiration control

With our Food ERP, you know exactly when each raw material or product can be used, and the relevant shelf lives and expiration dates. Use resources efficiently and create products with maximum quality standards.

  • Stay in complete control of Sell By and Use By management
  • Prevent goods from expiring with rules for the consumption

Reliable quality control

Top quality, high safety standards, satisfied customers - and permanently reduced expenses. Our food manufacturing erp software makes it possible.

  • Quality controls: reliable and continuous
  • Handling of stability tests
  • Separate indication of the test severities for each product
  • Creation of certificates of analysis

Batch management

Do you need the required information immediately? No problem. With our ERP for the food industry, you are responsive at all times, because the information about your batches is right at your fingertips when you need it.

  • Complete, detailed, and multi-level lot traceability
  • Mix and divide your lots
  • Enables reliable and complete batch and serial number tracking
  • Manage your batch status and your batch characteristics

Transparent warehouse and logistics management

Secure performance reduces costs while increasing the efficiency of your processes, all as part of your Food ERP. What are you waiting for?

  • Shipment management (packaging materials, NVE, & pallet accounts)
  • Efficient, mobile scanner dialogs for all warehouse processes
  • Even complex storage strategies can be mapped
  • Get real-time visibility into inventory and batch data

Research & Development, including recipe management

Protein, vegan, or paleo: Consumer demands are changing. The implementation of innovative products is faster, easier, and safer. Thanks to our Food ERP, you always keep an eye on the costs.

  • Develop and manage recipes and parts lists
  • Fully document products in the system
  • Multi-level calculation via various schemes
  • Recipe release for production

Supplier evaluation

With the help of our Food ERP you keep an eye on the quality of your food suppliers, actively develop your suppliers, and avoid negative deviations. This strengthens your business relationship and influences the quality of your product and your delivery capability.

  • Constant control of the delivery parameters.
  • Active notification about workflows
  • Classification of suppliers, delivery quality, and delivery reliability
  • Evaluation of automated criteria

Trading module

The mapping of complex trade structures of our erp software for the food industry reduces order entry work and systematically avoids errors as well as complaints. So you're ready to do business with the big players.

  • Customer hierarchies
  • Listings for products and product groups
  • Complex price & discount structures transparent to aid customers
  • Comprehensible pricing and discounting

Break the boundaries: Extensions to our food ERP

The goal of any software: maximum benefit. Get the most out of your ERP for the food industry with extensions.

Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten unseres ERP-Systems

Digital connection of food partners and retailers with ESCM

Automated invoicing and dispatch via e-invoicing to ease the workload of the accounting department

Uncomplicated data analysis with Microsoft Power BI as an optimal foundation for data-based decisions.

Microsoft ERP meets ERP industry solution

Are you looking for more information on our food and beverage erp solution? You have come to the right place.

  • To increase security, save time, and digitalize your quality management.
  • Options for start-ups to a quick and cost-effective implementation of our ERP.
  • With our solution, you can look to the future with confidence - and much more.

Future-proof for the food industry

Our Food ERP is available in the cloud

Cloud solutions are already indispensable business software, and will continue to gain significance in the future. That’s why our ERP for the food and beverage industry is 100% available in the cloud.

  • Choose between public or private cloud
  • Data protection and data security are our top priority
  • Mobile access to real-time data on the go
  • Parallel, cross-team work

Conclusion: Our Food ERP is perfect for companies seeking a future-proof solution that combines the advantages of a cloud solution with industry-specific features.

FAQs: Answers to the most important questions about our food erp


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