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How to build your own applications without programming knowledge

  • Create applications with the no-code option
  • Make business processes more efficient - fast
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximum success in minutes

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a compilation of various business applications. A Low-Code platform, that is also available as a No-Code option, this enables you to create apps with various tools using drag and drop in a simplified user interface—with little to no programming experience required.

Who is the target audience of the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is suitable for companies of any size, and in any industry, and can be used by anyone from an IT novice to programming experts. Due to the three operating levels, it can be used by anyone.

Users without programming knowledge use the possibilities of the Power Platform in the no-code variant. They can create apps easily using pre-coded elements with just a few clicks.

Power User, such as the IT team have more experience and can use the low-code capabilities of the Power Platform. This allows more specific adjustments to be made.

Experts with programming skills can carry out individualized programming.

Did you know: If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 356 Business Central, you can use the Power Platform as part of your Business Central license. Alternatively, simply purchase your individual access to the Power Platform and get started.

Which processes can with the Power Platform?

Which processes can be digitized with the Power Platform?

Simplify purchase requisitions by optimizing purchasing conditions, using workflow releases, and centralized purchasing even for C-items.
Here is an example: Purchase requisitions with the Power Platform.

Create connections between the digital and real world by transferring digital information into the here and now and visualizing it.

Target your customers' needs by creating tailored and personalized marketing campaigns.

Monitor the status of your machines and systems and react early to any errors to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Reduce workload with Artificial Intelligence chatbots that provide immediate and automated responses to customer questions.

Microsoft Power Platform: The Components

Microsoft Power Apps

The ability to create apps yourself pro­vides maximum flexibility. Create your applications with Microsoft Power Apps without external support or programming knowledge. The result is programs with with you can collect and process data, and automate processes.

  • Replace manual data entry and time-consuming manual procedures with simple and automated digital business processes
  • Get apps up and running in just a few hours
  • Provide authorized employees with access to enable them to develop apps for their area of responsibility. IT retains full control over the process
  • Easily incorporate data and build logic based on expressions (similar to Excel)
  • When combined with artificial intelligence, tasks can be automated
  • Use in your browser or on mobile devices
  • Includes OCR recognition, image analysis and classification, and pattern recognition
Power Apps Logo
Power Automate Logo

Microsoft Power Automate

Work more productively with automated processes: Power Automate is a tool that allows you to automate and optimize business processes.

  • Repetitive automated tasks, such as release scenarios, reporting, and overlapping workflows
  • For simple processes and complex scenarios
  • Actions are automatically triggered, such as approvals being issued or notifications sent
  • Simple operation so users can easily create processes with drag-and-drop tools, connectors, and templates
  • The process visualization makes it easier to understand
  • Workflows based on Power Automate can be combined with artificial intelligence and further optimized

Microsoft Power BI

Simple, clear, and visually appealing evaluation of data sets With Microsoft Power BI, you can view data and infor­mation in user-friendly dashboards to identify trends and patterns and make better decisions. This is based on access to large amounts of data, and enables you to quickly and reliably receive reports and analyses.

  • Make informed decisions based on reliable data
  • Meaningful, data-driven insights such as sales, incoming orders or contribution margin
  • Unify many data sources to realize visual dashboards and reports and draw valuable conclusions
  • Intuitive operation due to the familiar Microsoft interface
  • Quickly create reliable reports and view latest insights with real-time dashboards
  • Use in your browser or on mobile devices

Power BI Logo
Power Virtual Agent Logo

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

Reduce workload with chatbots to answer queries Power Virtual Agents enables you to make chatbots in a couple of clicks. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you answer customer inquiries and solve problems.

  • Develop intelligent chatbots without programming
  • Use on websites, in Microsoft Teams, on social media, and many more channels
  • Complex cases and individual requests are transferred to employees
  • Data-driven or AI-based insights are used to monitor and optimize the chatbot
  • Visual interface makes them easy to use
  • A secure application, with centralized data management and integrated security roles

Microsoft Power Pages

Website creation can be so simple: With Power Pages, you can realize websites and portals quickly and easily. Intuitive, uncomplicated, and reliable. Without programming, you can swiftly create websites, for example customer or supplier portals.

  • Comprehensive templates that can be adapted to user requirements
  • Hosting and management are integrated
  • Use in your browser or on mobile devices
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Additional components of the Power Platform:

Icons with other components of the Power Platform

APIs as connections between Power Apps and a connector

1000+ Connectors, for almost all known systems. If necessary, it is possible to develop your own connectors.

AI Builder to integrate artificial intelligence features into your processes without technical experience.

Microsoft Dataverse to bring together various data sources centrally in one place.

The of the Microsoft Power Platform

The 12 biggest advantages of the Microsoft Power Platform

Reduced costs

No external support necessary

With the Power Platform, you can create your applications internally and do not need external support. As this takes less time, you can reduce your workload, and invest the freed-up resources in more important tasks.

No programming necessary

Create applications without programming knowledge

The Power Platform is a low-code solution that enables users to follow uncomplicated steps to create an app. No programming experience is necessary.

Secure apps

Data integration and GDPR

The apps that you build on the Power Platform are secure, thanks to the Common Data Service. This provides powerful integration of data while meeting GDPR requirements.

Uninterrupted connections

Access for all authorized persons

The Power Platform connects users, applications, internal company employees and external contacts. All parties with the required authorization can access it.

Create competitive advantage

Focus on your core tasks

With meaningful data analyses and automated processes, you can concentrate on your core tasks. Be one step ahead of the competition with optimized customer experience, new ideas, and innovative developments.

Keep an overview

Simply scale

The Power Platform adjusts to suit your requirements. If your user or feature requirements change, you can simply scale your tools accordingly. Modifications are possible at any time.

Work from anywhere

In your browser and on mobile devices

The Power Platform is cross-platform, so you can use the application both in a web browser and on your mobile devices. Which do you prefer? Decide for yourself.

Use 1000+ connectors

Combine the Power Platform with other systems

More than 1000 API Connectors unite Power Platform solutions directly with other systems. Common connectors include Business Central, CRM systems, Office 365 and Azure infrastructure.

Quick to set up

Power Platform is part of the Business Central license

If you use Business Central or Office, then that’s perfect. Your license includes access to the Power Platform. Those who don’t have this access already can introduce the business app software and directly reap the benefits.


Save time thanks to automation

Completely automate manual and time-consuming processes to save time.

Full integration

Continue to use existing tools

Existing tools and systems can be used as before, or extended because the Microsoft Power Platform is integrated with products like Microsoft 365.

Make better decisions

With a complete database

Because you draw on analytics from your entire data set to better understand information, you can make more informed decisions.

All in one. Connect diverse data sources with the Power Platform

As a company, you access a lot of data - usually located in different places. With the Power Platform you link all your data, because the data integration unites the sources via connectors. This way, you bring your data together in one central location.

A selection of Power Platform connectors

Logos der wichtigsten Konnektoren der Power Platform

Explore the possibilities of the with YAVEON

Explore the possibilities of the Power Platform with YAVEON

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Power Platform with YAVEON - our services

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“It’s undeniable. The Power Platform offers countless advantages and is very easy to use. And when it comes to ease of use, we must share the scenarios that will make your everyday life easier. Whether you already have ideas or are still completely open to suggestions, let's figure out together how you and your business can get the most out of the Power Platform."

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The most important FAQs about the Microsoft Power Platform

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