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Made to meet the needs of your industry. Our ERP industry solution covers the essential features and regulations of your industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the life sciences, over 15 years of experience and hands-on application provides you with an unbeatable combination. 

What is an ERP industry solution?

An ERP industry solution is a customized software solution that is tailored to the individual needs and processes of a specific industry. This solution is based on an ERP platform such as Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and enables the seamless integration of industry-specific functions and data into the basic ERP modules such as financial accounting, controlling, purchasing, sales, warehouse management, production and human resources.

For which companies is our ERP industry solution suitable?

Our ERP industry solution is based on the Microsoft ERP and particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the batch processing industry. If you work with several production steps, mix raw materials or materials, and deal with lots, then you are in the right place. 

What are the biggest advantages of our ERP industry solution?

There are many advantages of our ERP industry solution, three of them we want to put in focus. It is based on a future-proof Microsoft foundation, offers you flexible expansion options thanks to numerous additional modules and guarantees seamless integration into existing systems.

ERP selection for

ERP Branchenlösung Biotechnologie

ERP industry solution for the
biotechnology industry

Drive your research and development forward - with the transparency and the security you need. 

ERP Branchenlösung Chemie

ERP industry solution for the
chemical industry

Easily and systemically deal with batch tracking and hazardous material management. 

ERP Branchenlösung Kosmetik

ERP industry solution for the
cosmetics industry 

Handle your business processes digitally - whether recipe management or quality control. 

ERP Branchenlösung Lebensmittel

ERP industry solution for the
food industry

Work safely and with oversight - because when it comes to food, attention to detail matters. 

ERP Branchenlösung Medizintechnik

ERP industry solution for the
medical technology industry

Meet the regulations of your industry - with a solution that was designed with this in mind. 

ERP Branchenlösung Pharma

ERP industry solution for the
pharmaceutical industry

Validate the processes in your company successfully - including, of course, your software. 

If we haven’t mentioned your industry...

… you can still profit from our ERP industry solution.

While our ERP focus is on the life sciences and process industries, we have completed multiple projects from outwith our focus industries. Organizations from a wide range of sectors have successfully implemented software solutions with us, and are benefiting from the added value. 

For example, automotive, wholesale, rubber and plastic goods, metal industry, furniture production, transport, logistics, and transportation.

four our ERP industry solution

Referencelogo Schulz Farben und Lacke
Referencelogo Schweitzer Chemie
Referencelogo Kräuter Mix
Referencelogo M.Asam
Referencelogo Naarmann
Referencelogo Schapfen Mühle
Referencelogo Feinkost Dittmann
Referenzlogo Evident Ingredients
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Referencelogo Helm
Referencelogo Ayanda
Referencelogo Gustav Heess
Referencelogo Hänseler

Satisfied customers are the best reference. See all our ERP references.

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