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Find out how ARGUS introduced clearly structured processes, saved time, and exploited the potential of digital processes over the long term.


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ECM and YAVEON: Enabling worfklows


ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH |


Production of plastic masterbatches for the processing industry

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180 employees



ECM for argus for the chemical industry

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible Results


Time-consuming paper, mostly on paper


Digital Workflows


  • Clear, digital processes instead of paper chaos
  • Significant time saving
  • The possibility of digitalizing further processes

Finally structure

Get rid of all the paper

"To finally get rid of all the paper”, was the goal of export control manager, Stefanie Becker - the person responsible for process optimization at ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH - before she started the project to digitalize business processes. The websites of many software providers promise to reduce paper and enable significant time savings. Is that just a marketing slogan?

ARGUS - Specialist for additive and color masterbatches

ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH specializes in producing plastic masterbatches for the processing industry. The company focuses on the durability of its products and environmental impact. The German company makes solutions for films, non woven fabric, filaments/tapes, pipes, sheets and profiles, artificial turf, and injection molding. Their everyday processes include recipe creation and modification. In the past, these recipes were recorded via printed PDFs, which relied on stacks of paper documents. "There was a lot of paper being passed from one department to the next. That was very time-intensive, and we really wanted to simplify things," recalls Stefanie Becker.

The chemistry was right.

The first contact with YAVEON was in 2016 when ARGUS was looking for a new ERP system. The company assessed several ERP partners, and chose YAVEON. Why? "The presales consultant and our designated sales consultant won us over. They were always very honest with us, telling us clearly what was possible - and above all, what wasn’t possible. The chemistry was just right," reports Stefanie Becker. Since the ERP project was successfully completed, ARGUS and the YAVEON consultants have continued to communicate regularly. "Our project manager then alerted us to the possibility of automating workflows with WEBCON."

Workflows with the low-code solution WEBCON BPS

The low-code software from the software provider WEBCON enables the intuitive implementation of digital workflows. WEBCON BPS is a software partner solution, and a valued part of the YAVEON portfolio. The solution facilitates the digital operation of numerous business processes. Typical examples are:

  • IT applications
  • Travel management
  • Vacation management

„The presales consultant and our designated sales consultant won us over. They were always very honest with us, telling us clearly what was possible - and above all, what wasn’t possible. The chemistry was just right."

Stefanie Becker, ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH


Digital workflows with added value

WEBCON BPS can also cover various gaps in digital business processes that are not covered by existing standard software. As the solution is based on templates, processes can be digitized quickly and easily.

Project progress: as smooth as usual

The first step was the presentation of a prototype of the planned workflow in a workshop with ARGUS. During the project, this prototype was further developed and ultimately used as a complete solution. "The introductory phase was completely stress-free and easy. Our consultant was on site with us for two days and showed us everything. It ran smoothly - just as we are accustomed to, when we work on projects with YAVEON," describes Ms. Becker.

With the WEBCON solution, the manual and paper-driven recipe runs are now handled digitally. Once a document is started, the next responsible employee automatically receives a workflow task. The integrated escalation management sends a reminder if the task isn’t completed. For ARGUS, it was particularly helpful that the WEBCON solution was directly connected to the company's ERP solution and document management system. Instead of the complete document having to be printed and archived in a file, it now moves directly from WEBCON to the DMS. This is a partner solution from the YAVEON portfolio, by d.velop AG, which was introduced some time ago. d.velop AG specializes in providing easy-to-understand, reliable DMS solutions.

„It ran smoothly - just as we are accustomed to, when we work on projects with YAVEON."

Stefanie Becker, ARGUS Additive Plastics GmbH

Process digitization

Exploiting digital potential

Drive process digitization forward incrementally

A workflow solution such as WEBCON has even more to offer, as almost any kind of process can be digitalized. "Process digitalization is an ongoing process for us. We are gradually digitalizing everything that has to be processed by multiple people. WEBCON is very easy to use, so we do it all ourselves. If you know a little bit about data structures and the most important programming commands, you soon get the hang of it," says Stefanie Becker.

What about the reduction of paper? ARGUS responds.

The most important question, Ms. Becker, was your wish to reduce paper with WEBCON fulfilled? "Yes, we definitely use less paper, and we also save time. The forms are much easier to fill out, and the system automatically reminds the employee responsible if a task goes missing." Is the promise of saving paper and time a good marketing slogan? Possibly. But more than just slogans, they are realistic goals that can be achieved with WEBCON.

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