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Find out how BORT have managed to save time while handling around 430 records a day and why no external help is needed.


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YAVEON ProE-SCM: Connecting business partners and suppliers




Medical technology

Company Size

Approx. 120 Employees

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


Replace an old EDI interface with a new one that simplifies automated work.




  • Save time with automated processes
  • Around 430 records every day
  • No external help necessary, as it is practically error-free
  • A uniform system that is fully integrated into your ERP

Electronic data interchange

Incredibly helpful

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is incredibly helpful: It simplifies data exchange, connects external partners, and automates processes that would otherwise have to be done manually. This was precisely the wish of BORT, a specialist in orthopedic aids and medical compression stockings. The company’s commitment to helping people also extends to its employees. It had become clear that the current EDI solution was costing a lot of time and effort and creating stress for employees. A new system was required. Switching to a new software partner involves inherent risks. Will the collaboration go as planned? Does the product correspond to the description? Will the work and the costs result in improvements? Samuel Erz, Head of BORT IT Services, considered which criteria were important, beyond the benefits of the solution and the consultants’ working relationship.

Reliable. Partnership. Fair.

“The plus on your side.” This isn’t just an advertising slogan for BORT. It’s a philosophy. The company develops, produces, and sells high-quality medical products, putting effective tools in the hands of their customers. Their core competence lies in bandages and orthoses in the Orthopedics division. They extended their range with an extensive new compression stocking product line. People are at the center of everything that BORT does. Values such as quality, reliability, and fair customer relationships shape the company philosophy. The company has been on the market for over 35 years and is still family-run business.

A dual approach to partner-based support

BORT successfully and smoothly realizes its software projects with provider Konica Minolta, Reseller of YAVEON solution ProESCM. Why were they even considering an additional partner? “We were no longer satisfied with our old EDI solution from a third party. Our current partner Konica Minolta then made contact with YAVEON, ” remembers Samuel Erz.

There are many EDI solutions on the market, but the decision for YAVEON was easy, explains Mr. Erz. “YAVEON works well for many of our customers, and which argument could be better than a personal recommendation?” To ensure they were making the right decision, the BORT team took part in a webcast presentation and a training session at the YAVEON location in Würzburg. As expected, the presentation of the EDI solution and the initial meetings went well. An additional advantage: YAVEON and Konica Minolta are contracted software partners who already work together on projects with customers, so the decision was made quickly. Excellent communication between the partners was crucial for Mr. Erz. Konica Minolta supported the project right from the start, and YAVEON took over the actual implementation of the EDI project.

"YAVEON works well for many of our customers, and which argument could be better than a personal recommendation?"

Samuel Erz, Bort GmbH

An enjoyable Project

An enjoyable project

Right from the start, BORT realized that the collaboration with YAVEON worked well and the EDI solution met all expectations. “It was important to us that BORT finally had a solution that made their workflow easier. Our goal was that the EDI software be more adaptable and easy to use for Mr. Erz and his team,” reports Fabian Herrmann, consultant and software developer at YAVEON. Even before the project started, it was clear that most of the EDI standard requirements could be met. Individual requests were addressed, analyzed and implemented individually.

What can the YAVEON ProE-SCM EDI module do?

  • Connection of business partners and suppliers
  • Simplified and automated exchange of data
  • Use of standard-compliant barcode labels and shipping documents

Which are the most used functions for BORT?

  • Invoice export
  • Order import (receipt of digital orders)
  • The system reads both EDIFACT files and freely defined formats (xml individual formats)
  • Time savings for BORT thanks to streamlined, automated processes

An impressive result

BORT now uses an efficient system that drives the company forward. Invoices are sent automatically and incoming orders are processed. This amounts to an average of 350 exported and 80 imported receipts per day. The company now has a solution that is fully integrated into its Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and no longer has to use standalone solutions. A further advantage: The users hardly even notice the system as it runs almost error-free. If a deviation does occur, it can be handled by the internal IT department, with no assistance from external consultants required. Even after the implementation phase, the positive relationship remained and is continuing to a new stage. A new colleague at BORT was immediately fully integrated. “There was a real sense of community,” describes Samuel Erz.

Perhaps the best argument - one that lives up to its promises

Was it the right decision to start the project with the partners YAVEON and Konica Minolta? “Definitely,” Samuel Erz is convinced. It’s true. You can always rely on recommendations and references.

"There was a real sense of community."

Samuel Erz, Bort GmbH

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