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Read the report to find out how evident ingredients managed to simplify their batch management process and why they feel future-proof thanks to the YAVEON cloud solution.


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YAVEON ProBatch: Uncomplicated, future-proof, adaptable


evident ingredients GmbH |

Core Business

Ingredients for cosmetic products

Company Size

8 employees

Operating Model

Public Cloud



ERP for evident ingredients for the cosmetics industry

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


  • Provide access to data from anywhere
  • Avoid stand-alone solutions


  • YAVEON ProBatch


  • Easier batch management
  • Processing in one solution
  • Intuitive operation
  • Future-proof thanks to cloud solution

Uncomplicated, future-proof, adaptable.

ERP solution in the cloud

That’s the answer Shami Kaur Bola, Supply Chain Manager at evident ingredients would give if asked about the most significant advantages of an ERP solution in the cloud. But the topic of the cloud continues to worry and frighten many people. So, you may be asking yourself: How did evident ingredients deal with this?

Modern and natural cosmetic raw materials

Take a look at the back of your shampoo. You might come across a product from evident ingredients in the list of ingredients: evident ingredients GmbH was founded in 2020 and is a manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic raw materials. The USP of the company is its drive to develop modern, natural, and sustainable products. An in-house research and development department supports the product team and advises on topics such as drug concentration and effects.

The developing company wanted to handle its processes just as professionally as it handles its products. The company wanted to avoid confusing Excel spreadsheets from the start, and instead work automatically in an ERP system, with an appropriate industry solution.

Professional and friendly cooperation

Shami Kaur Bola didn’t hesitate to select YAVEON as the ERP partner. She had already successfully completed an ERP project with YAVEON in the past. “In my first ERP project, YAVEON was the best partner I could have hoped for,” she recalls. “The cooperation was always good, professional, and cordial. When I chose YAVEON, I knew exactly what to expect in the new project.”

In my first ERP project, YAVEON was the best partner I could have hoped for.

Shami Kaur Bola, evident ingredients GmbH

ERP solution

The requirements

The new ERP solution should meet the following requirements:

  • Flexible access: All employees should be able to access the current company data from anywhere
  • Simple, intuitive operation and a self-explanatory user interface
  • A comprehensive system without standalone solutions

The YAVEON industry solution in the public cloud

„It’s crucial for us to be able to work from anywhere. That‘s why we knew from the start that a public cloud solution was the only option. All we need is a good internet connection, and we are up and running,“ reports Ms. Bola. evident ingredients chose the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the YAVEON ProBatch industry solution to be able to handle the necessary process automatically and transparently. YAVEON ProBatch is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system, and extends it with relevant features for the industry. With a focus on small and medium- sized enterprises, the solution includes numerous modules that can be purchased individually and expanded at any time.

evident ingredients opted for the following modules:

  • Base
  • Lot Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and Purchase
  • Scanning

As evident ingredients wanted to keep the implementation of the project primarily in-house, the company agreed on a budget that was used for YAVEON services, rather than setting a typical project duration. „We were actually able to handle most of it ourselves. Our consultants were always there for us when we had questions, change requests, and adjustments,“ Ms. Bola said. evident ingredients weighed up effort and benefits when bespoke development was needed. If the situation was unclear, a suitable compromise was found. The consulting process remains a high point for evident ingredients. „The YAVEON consultation was and is always very detailed. Our concerns are dealt with quickly, which is particularly important for us.“

„The YAVEON consultation was and is always very detailed. Our concerns are dealt with quickly, which is particularly important for us."

Shami Kaur Bola, evident ingredients GmbH

Practical insights

YAVEON ProBatch in action

evident ingredients has been using YAVEON ProBatch as a public cloud solution for some time now. Have the requirements set at the beginning been met? Shami Kaur Bola says that they have.

  • Uncomplicated and completely flexible access to all data
  • After a short training session and some practicing, users can use the self-explanatory system
  • Required data can be found immediately, and the system works smoothly.

Are there any concerns about the cloud? Not at all.

Back to the topic of the cloud. Ms. Bola, how did you deal with concerns about the cloud solution? “We had no concerns whatsoever. We knew that YAVEON would advise us appropriately, and everything went well.”

Today, evident ingredients is not only running smoothly and up-to-date, but also feels future-proof thanks to the cloud solution: Further modules that have not yet been connected will follow. And what’s better than a solution that can be easily adapted to your needs?

„We had no concerns whatsoever. We knew that YAVEON would advise us appropriately, and everything went well."

Shami Kaur Bola, evident ingredients GmbH

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