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YAVEON ProE-SCM: External warehouse connection with standard interface


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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


Connection of an external warehouse to existing ERP system.




  • Connection primarily with standard interfaces
  • Time savings through automated processes
  • No external help necessary since practically error-free
  • A uniform system that is fully integrated into ERP



“Good afternoon Mr. Sebald. Can we reschedule our appointment for another day? We are currently working extra shifts to move forward faster,” Dr. Stefan Bartsch, Director Sales Germany/Austria at hameln pharma gmbh, addressed YAVEON consultant Matthias Sebald. “Of course, no problem. Your everyday work naturally takes precedence over a reference interview.” At the time we did not know the reason for the overflowing order books: Sufentanil-hameln - an opioid used in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Safety first: Storage of narcotics

hameln pharma gmbh is a specialist for anesthetics with over 125 years of experience. The company focuses on the sale of injectable parenteral drugs for hospital critical care. Parenterals are sterile preparations; for example, for injection into the human or animal body. hameln pharma gmbh uses a dedicated pharmaceutical logistics provider to make optimal use of their office space, avoid the need for in-house equipment, and to be able to expand or reduce storage capacity as needed. The medical products, some of which fall under the Narcotics Act, are safely stored there. The logistics partner also handles part of the order entry. The system, YAVEON ProE-SCM, takes care of scheduling and backorder clearance with a high degree of automation and notifies the logistics provider when goods are to be dispatched. For Dr. Bartsch, a significant challenge was invoicing: “Originally, the invoicing was to be done via the logistics partner using an individual interface. But that would have been very expensive and time-consuming,” recalls Dr. Bartsch. “The idea to implement the warehouse connection via a standard interface and to automate the entire invoicing process in the ERP system came from YAVEON.”

From successful ERP project to warehouse integration

In 2015, hameln pharma gmbh introduced the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As they were satisfied with previous project collaboration, hameln pharma gmbh decided to work with YAVEON on another project.

“When we started to exchange ideas with Dr. Bartsch, we quickly realized that an individual solution was not necessary,” explains Matthias Sebald. With the EDI module of the YAVEON ProE-SCM solution, a direct and highly automated connection between the logistics partner and the ERP system of hameln pharma gmbh was possible as standard.

YAVEON offers solutions that work together

YAVEON ProE-SCM is an add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The industry solution YAVEON ProBatch further extends the system with industry-relevant functions.


  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central
  • Supplemented by industry-relevant functions, for example, batch management and tracking, tracking function, split and merge, and barcode scanning
  • Simple, intuitive operation, and attractive design
  • Expandable with various modules, for example, for production, trade, warehouse & logistics
  • hameln uses the ProBatch retail features in purchasing and sales, especially the pharma-compliant batch tracing and delivery restrictions.


  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central
  • Automates cross-system data exchange
  • Frictionless connection of suppliers, partners, and customers
  • Can be extended by further modules if required

hameln pharma gmbh relies specifically on the EDI module.

  • Full connection to the logistic partner as standard, without custom interface
  • Customer and supplier EDI communication
  • Technical status tracking through to confirmation by the recipient.
  • Automated backorder clearing and delivery allocation
  • Automated invoicing
  • Extensive automation of the document chain
  • Time savings and simplification for hameln
  • Journal logic with editing option
  • Monitoring tools
  • Quick setup possible thanks to ready-made setup templates

The idea to implement the warehouse connection via a standard interface and to automate the entire invoicing process in the ERP system came from YAVEON.

Dr. Stefan Bartsch, hameln pharma gmbh

The EDI Module

At Work

The EDI interface offers an extensive direct warehouse connection. Practically speaking, this means: As soon as hameln pharma gmbh receives an order, it calculates stock availability and then notifies the logistics company of the outgoing goods. The latter picks and prepares the requested products and ships the goods. Invoicing is fully automated electronically: The system pulls the required information directly from the ERP system and sends it, depending on predefined settings, by e-post, EDI, or e-mail. hameln pharma gmbh hardly has to do anything at all during this process.

An enjoyable cooperation

The earlier experience of hameln pharma gmbh was confirmed: “Just as with the NAV project a few years ago, the cooperation with YAVEON during the implementation of the EDI interface was also based on trust. It was also helpful that the consultants coordinated directly with our logistics partner. That saved us a lot of time,” reports Dr. Bartsch.

Just as with the NAV project a few years ago, the cooperation with YAVEON during the implementation of the EDI interface was also based on trust.

Dr. Stefan Bartsch, hameln pharma gmbh

Facing Challenges


Were there also challenges during the project? Yes, for example, all the technical terms at the beginning. Communication journals or action lines took some getting used to at first but quickly became part of everyday language. In addition, the project timeframe of around four months was ambitious; progress was to be made quickly. “We wanted to hit the ground running by 1st October, and that was quite a tight deadline towards the end. But with a concerted final push, we were able to meet the time frame in the end.”

Matthias Sebald also praised the close cooperation: “Just as Dr. Bartsch says, there were challenges - as in any project. It is important to be proactive and to react appropriately and timely when needed. That is how we provide optimal support for customers”. He was particularly impressed with the communication with the logistic company. “Communication was good. We received prompt feedback on the tests and were able to save hameln pharma a lot of time,” he said.

In addition to the logistics provider, the pharmaceutical wholesaler was also connected via EDI. Orders are processed automatically, and without manual entry in the system, delivery notes and invoices are sent via EDI. The entire invoicing process must no longer be manually revised, i.e., hameln doesn’t have to manually stuff envelopes, affix postage, or send PDFs.

With warehouse connection to the NAV philosophy

Dr. Bartsch does not doubt that the project achieved more than just the connection to the warehouse and the wholesaler. It is also the new perspective of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV that has emerged. It was a wake-up call for hameln pharma gmbh to take a closer look at the possibilities offered by NAV. The hameln team became more familiar with the ERP system and learned to appreciate its features and recognize its potential.

hameln pharma gmbh - a company that gets down to business

hameln pharma gmbh is one of very few companies worldwide that manufactures Sufentanil and also markets numerous medical ready-to-use medicinal containing the opioid, for example, for use in COVID-19 patients.

During the interview, Dr. Bartsch explained the production and the current situation at hameln pharma gmbh. What particularly impressed us was the desire to help people and the goal of using all possible resources to contribute to providing healthcare around COVID-19.

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