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Are you wondering how hameln pharma have been able to reduce their controlling workload and display evaluations faster? Do you want to learn how their outgoing invoices are now filed directly in the system? Keep on reading to find out more.


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YAVEON ProBI and DMS-module: Overview and evaluations with one click


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ProE-SCM and BI for hameln pharma for the pharma industry

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


  • File outgoing invoices directly in the system
  • Automatically display pharmacy operating licenses
  • Possibility of simplifying controlling activities
  • Consolidate and evaluate different data sources and clients


DMS module YAVEON file plan and YAVEON ProBI


  • Significantly lower Controlling workload
  • Time saving when viewing relevant evaluations
  • One-click display of operating license of pharmacies in the sidebar
  • File outgoing invoices directly in the system

Two solutions

One benefit

Two solutions, one benefit: Receive an overview with one click. In Controlling, hameln pharma gmbh uses the Document Management System (DMS) ecspand with YAVEON Record Plan module together with Business Intelligence solution Qlik Sense. Susann Meden, Director Controlling, and Uwe Hölscher, Director Finance, describe in an interview how they work with the systems.

Safety first: Storage of anesthetics

hameln pharma gmbh is a specialist for anaesthetics with over 125 years of experience. The company focuses on the sale of injectable parenteral drugs for hospital critical care. Parenterals are sterile preparations; for example, for injection into the human or animal body.

Ms. Meden, Mr. Hölscher, why did you start looking for a DMS and Business Intelligence solution?

Uwe Hölscher: “We had just switched from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and now wanted to expand this system further. A key feature that we wanted was the ability to file outgoing invoices directly in this system. A document management system was the perfect solution.”

Susann Meden: “I felt the same way. I also wanted to further extend the benefits of our new ERP system and be able to export specific, detailed evaluations directly. It became clear that this works best with a Business Intelligence solution.”

How did you first contact YAVEON?

Uwe Hölscher: “We were already in touch with YAVEON as we’d completed the ERP project with them. As this had gone very well, we used the contact and coordinated with the relevant consultants. The decision was then made in favor of the DMS module YAVEON Aktenplan and the business intelligence solution YAVEON ProBI based on Qlik Sense”.

Could you describe how the implementation went?

Uwe Hölscher: “The installation of the YAVEON file plan was quick and uncomplicated. We were very quickly able to use the system and were familiar with its functions. We have integrated a lot of processes, for example, the processing of incoming invoices directly in the system. The YAVEON consultants were always available to answer our questions.”

Susann Meden: “The introduction of YAVEON ProBI also went smoothly. We were satisfied with the implementation right from the start. Our consultants have always listened to us and understood our concerns.”

Let’s take a look at the YAVEON perspective. Mr. Pietzka, Mr. Wanzel, you were project managers. How did the implementation proceed from your perspective?

Samuel Pietzka: “We spent a lot of time on the DMS introduction and coordinated regularly by telephone. The aim was to provide hameln with a solution that would fully meet their expectations - both in the short term and with long-term benefits. That worked well; we built up a trustful working relationship”.

David Wanzel: “I agree. Our cooperation in the BI project was very smooth and enjoyable. Of course, there were also challenges, such as the different data sources that were merged across clients or the “security rules” in combination with the individualized “custom properties” for access authorizations on app and stream levels. But you will find that in any project. The important thing is to find a suitable solution together, and we achieved this.”

What can the DMS solution YAVEON Aktenplan do and which are the most useful features for hameln pharma gmbh?

  • Directly integrated into the ERP system
  • Revision-proof archiving
  • Full integration of the debit cards
  • YAVEON Aktenplan combines all relevant documents in one sales-and-purchasing file
  • Comprehensive integration with Microsoft Office tools
  • Operating license as individual development

What can ProBI based on Qlik Sense do, and which are the most useful features for hameln pharma gmbh?

  • ProBI is the Business Intelligence solution by YAVEON based on Qlik Sense
  • Modern, web-based infrastructure
  • Mobile accessible
  • Basis: ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Detailed data analyses tailored to the requirements of the user
  • Data can be freely searched and evaluated
  • KPIs are displayed in diagram form for faster analysis

Which features does hameln pharma gmbh use?

  • Consolidation of multiple data sets from several clients into a single evaluation, for example, in Excel or NAV
  • Time savings in the purchasing and sales departments due to faster and more flexible evaluations

„The introduction of YAVEON ProBI also went smoothly. We were satisfied with the implementation right from the start. Our consultants have always listened to us and understood our concerns."

Susann Meden, hameln pharma GmbH

Supply pharmacies

Check operating licenses

A customized solution that makes work easier, saves paper and provides an overview

One core activity of hameln pharma gmbh is supplying pharmacies. It is essential that these pharmacies possess a valid operating license. Until now, hameln has handled the verification on paper: The operating license came by fax, was filed in a folder, and had to be checked regularly - a time-consuming process that involved dusty documents. With YAVEON Record Plan, this is now both easier and automated: The current status of the operating license is immediately visible in the file tree of the system, i.e., in the sidebar. If a permission expires, the system automatically sends a notification by e-mail and indicates the need for action.

Using the appropriate systems results in a reduced workload.

Ms. Meden, Mr. Hölscher, how would you summarize the projects and describe the benefits of the solutions?

Susann Meden: “Without YAVEON ProBI with Qlik Sense, we would be stuck in controlling and would have a much higher workload. About ten people at hameln work with the system every day and have found that it makes their daily work easier. Demand is rising; we have even added new users”

Uwe Hölscher: “And for the DMS project, I can report that everything is going well. We now have a system that automates many steps which saves us time. We also archive in an audit-proof manner to meet all requirements. In rare cases, authorization problems occur. But then we call our customer service representative at YAVEON, and the issue is quickly resolved.

Ms. Meden, Mr. Hölscher, thank you for taking the time for this interview and providing us with fascinating insights.

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