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YAVEON ProE-SCM: Direct connection to the warehouse of the external logistics provider


Midas Pharma GmbH |


Products, services, and know-how in the
pharmaceutical value chain


Approx. 210 Employees

Operating Model




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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


  • Connection to the external
    warehouse in shortest
    possible timeframe
  • Deployment in a validated




  • Direct connection to the
    warehouse of the external
    logistics provider
  • Automated order processing
  • Computer system validation
  • A reliable partnership
    between Midas and YAVEON


Expertise from a single source

Midas Pharma GmbH

Midas Pharma, headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, is a specialist in products, services, and know-how covering the entire pharmaceutical value chain. True to their motto, “Expertise from a single source,” the medium-sized company is a partner for the distribution of active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as finished products and more. Their service portfolio also includes license deal brokering, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, and support in regulatory and quality management issues. As a virtual enterprise, Midas creates value by providing a wealth of project management expertise and efficiently connecting the complementary parts - people, knowledge, and resources - to facilitate global pharmaceutical projects.

Midas was commissioned by a customer to take over the logistical control, order processing, and customer service for various finished pharmaceutical products and was faced with the challenge of connecting an external warehouse to the existing ERP system with an electronic interface within a short period of time:

Project kick-off was in December, with the go-live scheduled for early February.

A longterm partnership

In 2013, Midas and YAVEON began working together when the pharmaceutical company introduced the YAVEON ProBatch industry solution. Midas chose YAVEON due to the combination of their competence in the pharmaceutical industry, experience with validated environments, and their positive interpersonal rapport.

When EDI requirements arose in 2019, the ERP team connected Midas with the appropriate YAVEON counterpart, and the connection of the external warehouse was able to start immediately. Instead of implementing the logistic provider’s suggestion of a customized interface, YAVEON proposed using their ProE-SCM EDI standard warehouse connection. The standard connection fulfilled the requirements with ease. This saves time and effort, and also provides security.

Marc Link, Head of Digital Transformation at Midas, still remembers the early days: “We got started right away and drew on YAVEON’s experience and advice.” To coordinate the cooperation between Midas, the logistics company, and YAVEON, the three partners worked together to define the technical and organizational framework.

Communication is the key to success

Every project faces risks from unexpected situations. During the project, time constraints became apparent, but the project team worked together to stay focused on the goals. These challenges were overcome using close and cooperative project management with accurate transcripts and direct communication.

We got started right away and drew on YAVEON’s experience and advice.

Marc Link, Midas Pharma GmbH

Cross-system data exchange


What is YAVEON ProE-SCM?

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central
  • Automates cross-system data exchange
  • Frictionless connection of suppliers, partners, and customers
  • Can be extended by further modules if required
  • No external converter necessary

Midas uses the YAVEON ProE-SCM EDI Module

  • Full connection to the logistic partner as standard, without custom interface
  • Data exchange in XML format
  • Mappings in the EDI solution
  • Customer and supplier EDI communication
  • Technical status tracking through to confirmation by the recipient
  • Automated backorder clearing and delivery allocation
  • Time savings and simplification
  • Journal logic with editing option
  • Monitoring tools
  • Quick setup possible thanks to ready-made setup templates

In action today

Ready for the future

Midas, the logistics company, and YAVEON introduced the EDI interface, including validation with extensive test scenarios, on time - the automated connection of the external warehouse is complete. When Midas receives an order, the logistic company is informed. The order is processed, the package is picked and shipped. In addition, Midas now has the ability to connect additional logistics providers as needed, to deliver larger quantities and a wider range of products.

A successful project despite the tight deadline

The project team met the deadline, and Midas now has a system that employees enjoy using. Marc Link and his team are satisfied: with the YAVEON ProE-SCM solution, the consulting provided - and with the consultants whose doors were always open.

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