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Read the reference report to find out how Neumeister Hydraulik managed to simplify their own processes and learn more about their long-term partnership with YAVEON.

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YAVEON ProBatch and YAVEON ProE-SCM: Reduced complexity


Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH | www.neumeisterhydraulik.en


Development, production and sale of hydraulic cylinders

Company Size

Approx. 300 employees

Operating Model




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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

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  • An ERP industry solution that fits your needs
  • Development of highly-specific ERP applications




  • A long-term partnership based on trust
  • Uncomplicated interfaces to the Shipping Processing and Enterprise Content Management modules
  • Reduced complexity and simplified processes

Problem solver in the hydraulics industry

The Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH

Every customer has individual wishes and requirements of a software provider. The challenge for an ERP partner is finding the right solution and providing helpful advice for every project. The success of this process only becomes apparent after the go-live when the customer is satisfied, and the predetermined goals have been reached - particularly when this is a long-term customer. Just like Neumeister Hydraulik. The hydraulics manufacturer and YAVEON have been partners since 1999.

Neumeister Hydraulik: The Problem Solver in the hydraulics industry

Neumeister Hydraulik has been a successful hydraulics manufacturer since 1929. The company develops and produces individual hydraulic cylinders as well as components such as power packs, controls, and valves. Known as the ‘Problem Solver’ in the hydraulics industry for its small series and custom manufacturing, Neumeister Hydraulik has always stayed true to the company motto: “Rather than delivering off-the-shelf solutions, we work closely with our customers to develop customized products that are optimized to their specific requirements.” Neumeister Hydraulik expected the same flexibility and custom options from its software partner from the very first day.

A lasting partnership

YAVEON and Neumeister Hydraulik have been working together for a long time: Back in 1999, while trading under a different name, YAVEON was shortlisted by Neumeister Hydraulik as a potential ERP provider due to its interesting solution. During the selection process, it gradually became clear that YAVEON’s industry solution for the Microsoft ERP system had all the necessary features. Reinhold Mayer, IT manager at Neumeister Hydraulik, has been part of the project from the beginning and still remembers the first contact with YAVEON: “Back then, we wanted to change our ERP system. While it was advantageous that our future partner was located near our company, we were particularly impressed by the software features.“

Impressive: the YAVEON features

A good 20 years later, Neumeister Hydraulik is still using YAVEON solutions. This naturally raises the question: Why? “Over the years, we have come to value YAVEON as a partner that responds very flexibly to our requirements. For example, we had numerous features that YAVEON developed individually and tailored to our company,” explains Mr. Mayer. Over time, Neumeister Hydraulik has increased the processes that use YAVEON software, and the solution has proven its worth. The added value can still be felt even after many years of use because of the customizations of the features to perfectly fit the client’s requirements.

Neumeister Hydraulik uses:

  • YAVEON ProE-SCM EDI-Module base
  • YAVEON ProBatch: Mobile and base

"We aren’t actually in their target market. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about recipes or bills of material."

Reinhold Mayer, Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH

The functions of the YAVEON solutions

All requirements met

Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, medical technology, cosmetics, and food. These are YAVEON‘s target industries for ERP systems. So why is Neumeister Hydraulic a customer, as a manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders? “We aren’t actually in their target market. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about recipes or bills of material. YAVEON and the functions of the YAVEON solutions meet all our requirements. The industry focus is made absolutely no difference to us at all,“ Mr. Mayer reports.

One solution, many advantages

If you ask the users at Neumeister Hydraulik about the benefits of the software, you will get several answers:

  • The streamlining of numerous processes, as data can be passed on to other systems automatically.
  • Uncomplicated shipping processing, because the information of posted documents is automatically sent to the software solution for imports and exports
  • Reduced complexity because the system enables simple processes and offers clear insights at all times
  • Simplified and streamlined mapping of ERP processes

Opting for a Microsoft Solution gives security and stability: Microsoft is a proven player in the ERP industry and provides a solution that customers can rely on long-term. Just like the right ERP partner.

Challenges? We accept and solve them together

Even in long-term partnerships, there are challenges - or perhaps it’s these situations that make a partnership even stronger. “We and YAVEON - both sides underestimated the data transfer from the legacy system at the time because not only master data but also transaction data was migrated,“ recalls Mr. Mayer. The solution: We sat down together to rethink the project. After a while, our heads cleared, and we had a new plan. We realized that we needed to chart a new interim course - so the required data could be moved bit by bit. With this, the required information was made available as planned.

A common language leads to success

A partnership over many years needs to be nurtured. Especially one based on mutual and deep trust. This is exactly the case with YAVEON and Neumeister Hydraulik: We got to know each other - not just the solutions and the customer‘s requirements but also on a personal level. When we look back, even the first project in 1999 went (almost) without a hitch. Why? The secret lies in successful cooperation: Everyone involved was willing to invest their time, and everyone cooperated and worked together. Problems were addressed and clarified immediately; nothing was hidden. Gebhard Schwan, then project manager, now managing director at YAVEON, sums it up: “The project was simply enjoyable.“

"We know YAVEON, and YAVEON knows us. That’s an established relationship. We share a common language that leads us to success."

Reinhold Mayer, Neumeister Hydraulik GmbH

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