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Implementation of YAVEON ProBatch for the chemical industry

for SCHULZ Farben- und Lackfabrik

How Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik managed to transform the international corporate development based on their future demands.


Everything at a glance

YAVEON ProBatch: From quality management to time tracking to supplier evaluation


Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik |


Paints and Coatings

Company Size

Approx. 250 Employees

Operating Model



Germany, Romania

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


Support of the international corporate development based on the future demands of Schulz Farben.


YAVEON industry solution based on Microsoft Dynamics for the batch producing industry.


  • Integrated quality management, production planning and standardized hazardous substances management
  • time tracking and administration of wages & salaries
  • supplier evaluation, scandialogues, carrier management, ATLAS-customs export with sanction lists and integrated workflows.

An Industry-oriented ERP suite

for SCHULZ Farben- und Lackfabrik

Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik GmbH in Langenlonsheim in Rhineland Palatinate has decided to introduce a comprehensive new ERP system from YAVEON. The project includes a complete, standardised ERP suite for finance, production, sales and quality management. As a result Schulz Farben will in future be able to more easily implement customers‘ requirements during order processing. Schulz Farben develops, produces and distributes paints and varnishes for interior and exterior wall designs. Solutions for special applications such as floor coatings and wood protection complete its range. Most products are stocked as ownbrands by global DIY chains, trade suppliers and retailers. With over 900 self-developed formulas, Schulz Farben caters to almost every conceivable customer demand – and constantly creates new solutions.

As a service provider, Schulz Farben supports the design and marketing of its customers‘ own brands in their showrooms. Around 250 people are currently employed at its sites in Germany and Romania.

More than 900 self-developed recipes must be managed.

A partner

On an equal footing

The previous ERP solution, which has been in use since 2003, can no longer meet Schulz Farben‘s future requirements. It must therefore be either upgraded or replaced by a modern platform. Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik has now decided to introduce an industry solution based on Microsoft ERP. The YAVEON industry solution has been specially developed for the batch-leading industry and is well-suited to the paints and coatings industry, thanks to its integrated quality management modules, production planning systems and standardised hazardous goods management interface to epos.

A module for scheduling and managing wages and salaries in Dynamics will be used at Schulz Farben. In addition, supplier evaluation, scanner dialogue, loading equipment management, ATLAS customs procedures with sanction lists and integrated workflows enable highly automated business processes along the entire value-added chain. The high quality standards that Schulz Farben has set itself can therefore be consistently supported.

We‘re pleased to have found a strong partner in YAVEON, with whom we can work on an equal footing and who speaks our language.

Alexander Böhler, Schulz Farben- und Lackfabrik

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