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DYPHOX: A coating that defies COVID-19

The TriOptoTec GmbH

Although the success of TriOptoTec did not begin in 2020, the start-up has since experienced a wave of demand that is unparalleled: With the product Dyphox, TriOptoTec developed a coating that cleans surfaces of germs and bacteria. Viruses, for example corona viruses, are also inactivated by the coating. But what makes us unique? Dyphox is not only effective in the short term, but closes hygiene gaps permanently.

As a result of the sharp rise in demand for Dyphox, primarily from retailers, insurance companies and banks, the TriOptoTec team grew from ten to twenty employees in a short space of time. More orders and colleagues also mean more complex processes. For exactly this reason, Klemens Wressnig, responsible for the ERP implementation at TriOptoTec, started looking for an ERP system that would meet the requirements of the biotechnology industry.

A couple of weeks after the project kickoff between YAVEON and TriOptoTec, Klemens Wressnig took a few moments - both to look back on the past months but also to look to the future.

Both perspectives, retrospective and forward-looking, focus on the partnership between TriOptoTec and YAVEON. And of course the plan to successfully fight the battle against COVID-19.

Meeting growing requirements with an ERP system and suitable industry solution

The start-up company TriOptoTec, based in Regensburg, was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the University of Regensburg. Originally formed to develop a product to treat white skin cancer, the company diversified into other research and development areas. The Dyphox coating they developed is applied to surfaces or incorporated directly into paints and polymers. This result is a chemical solution that develops a physical effect as soon as the substances are on the surface - the so-called photodynamics. The viral load on smooth surfaces is significantly reduced by up to 99.99 %. The antimicrobial coating was designed to kill hospital germs - a problem that costs the lives of up to 30,000 patients every year in Germany alone. With the developments around COVID-19, and the resulting awareness of surface hygiene, new and unprecedented usages were discovered for Dyphox. The solution is suitable for plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, and glass and can be applied or sprayed on. It is water-repellent on surfaces and provides safe and long-lasting protection against pathogens, particularly on handrails, counters, door handles and light switches.

As the high demand boosted the growth of TriOptoTec, the handling of daily processes using Excel sheets became untenable. “We simply could no longer map our processes with the previous approach. That’s why we started looking for an ERP system with relevant features for the biotechnology industry that would facilitate our day-to-day work. We stumbled over YAVEON via the internet and were immediately interested in finding out more”, recalled Klemens Wressnig.

"Of course we looked at other solutions. However, YAVEON ProBatch for the biotechnology industry was clearly more specific than the other systems. Moreover, the YAVEON board of directors was genuinely interested in us and we felt that we were taken very seriously."

Klemens Wressnig, TriOptoTec GmbH

Open communication

and clear processes

After TriOptoTec had contacted YAVEON, the planning started immediately: First both sides checked whether the requirements matched. The answer was a clear “yes”. The communication was very open from the beginning. Both sides were able to clearly formulate their expectations and discuss a sensible course of action. “That impressed us,” remembers Klemens Wressnig. “We then got down to the details with our YAVEON Consultant. We went through all relevant processes with the Business Process Master List (BPML). This made the topic of ERP much more tangible for us and we had a good idea of what was coming up."

When asked if they’d looked at other industry solutions from competitors, Mr Wressnig was clear. “Of course we looked at other solutions. However, YAVEON ProBatch for the biotechnology industry was clearly more specific than the other systems. Moreover, the YAVEON board of directors was genuinely interested in us and we felt that we were taken very seriously.”

This attitude was the reason YAVEON was able to prevail against the competitors.

The industry solution YAVEON ProBatch

The industry solution YAVEON ProBatch is fully integrated into the Microsoft ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central, formerly NAV. TriOptoTec mainly uses the following functions:

  • Batch Management
  • Warehouse/Logistics
  • Production
  • Compliance
  • Quality Control
  • Purchase & Sale
  • Research & Development
  • Calculation

Reaching goals together

TriOptoTec and YAVEON are now starting the common project phase. The introduction of an ERP system means progress - but progress also means change and therefore challenges. Mr Wressnig’s hopes for the project are that the YAVEON Consultants ask the right questions at the right time so that the solution can stay as close as possible to the standard industry solution. The goal is to carry out slight adjustments. Both parties share the concern to reach the goal as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

YAVEON wants to live up to their commitment to provide their customer with the best possible support, assistance and advice. The start is planned for 01.01.2021.

It’s impossible to know what will happen with the Corona crisis by then. But one thing is certain: TriOptoTec is well prepared and has accepted the challenge of making life difficult for the spread of the virus.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s start a joint project!

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