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YAVEON ProE-SCM: comprehensively integrated communication platform


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Automotive- and Aerospace- Industry

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Which benefits does the YAVEON solution offer?

Visible results


Meeting the requirements of Porsche for efficient processes and error-free integration to the ERP-System.


YAVEON ProE-SCM for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as comprehensively integrated communication platform.


  • Fully automated processing
  • no administrative tasks
  • focus on customer insight
  • increased quality in all business processes


High level of product maturity

UBC stands for carbon fiber composite components of the highest quality. Aviation, motor sports and not least Porsche rely on the products from Murr near Stuttgart.

Porsche has made repeatedly headlines in recent years with its highly efficient processes. This efficiency demands Porsche from all suppliers. This is the only way that high-wage Germany can remain an attractive business location. Therefore UBC uses the proven automotive solution YAVEON ProE-SCM for handling the business processes with its customers.

„Our previous EDI solution will no longer be supported and was unfortunately often error-prone and poorly integrated with our ERP system“, appoints Andreas Pahl, Commercial Director at UBC the starting position. YAVEON ProE-SCM in contrast merges completely with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and steers NAV internally all processes for the electronic data exchange and document creation. „We were surprised that YAVEON ProE-SCM has developed its full force, although our Dynamics NAV system is not yet optimized,“ said Pahl. „This testifies a high level of product maturity.“

"We were surprised that YAVEON ProE-SCM has developed its full force, although our Dynamics NAV system is not yet optimized."

Andreas Pahl, UBC GmbH

Fully automatical

Production-synchronous call-offs

Production-synchronous call-offs

The order processing with the automotive customers runs now fully automatically in the background and the workflows guide the employees to the relevant decision points. YAVEON ProE-SCM provides up to the transfer of production-synchronous requests all the information and documents that are needed in the automotive industry. The organization is not burdened with administrative duties but can concentrate on meeting the customers‘ needs.

In addition, a process and potential analysis served to enhance the quality of the business processes. „It has been downright fun to work with the competent advisors from YAVEON, and the result met all our expectations 100%,“ reveals Pahl the satisfaction with the project that went into live operation after only six weeks.

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