Digital invoice approval

Process incoming invoices easier and faster with invoice approval software

  • Reduce workload due to automated invoice approval
  • Fast and transparent and approval process
  • No need to worry about payment terms and discount deadlines
  • Meet compliance guidelines
  • Seamless integration with other systems
Laptop and signed invoices

From inbound to controlling: a simple and fast invoicing workflow that works for you

Time-consuming, error-prone, and lacking in transparency: Manual processing of invoices is a demanding and time-consuming task. As processing takes time, meeting discount due dates can also be challenging. With the right software, you can digitally process your invoices. This is easier, more reliable and, above all, faster.

1. The invoice arrives.

Whether by mail or by e-mail: As soon as the invoice arrives, processing begins. Paper invoices are scanned and routed automatically into the automated invoicing approval process, along with any digital invoices. The workflow starts.

2. The invoice must be verified. 

The second stage of the invoice workflow begins with the invoice review. The digital invoice approval or invoice verification process automatically records all of the data on the invoice. The invoice is also classified and checked. Now the invoice is prepared for release.

3. The invoice is approved.

If an invoice lists multiple items, the individual items are taken into account. For this, the invoice is sent via a workflow to the necessary departments. If required, contribution-based or other clearance tests can be included. Is everything correct? The invoice is approved, and all involved parties are informed.

Your biggest advantages with electronic invoice approval

Automatic processing of your invoices.

You comply with payment terms and discount due dates.

You meet compliance guidelines.

Use workflows for invoice approval.

Avoid duplicates.

Cloud or on-premises - which model makes sense?

When you choose automated invoice processing, you choose whether to implement it in the cloud or on-premises. With the on-premises version, the software is installed on your own company server. You take care of maintenance, servicing, and updates yourself. With a cloud solution, the software is installed on the server of a service provider, who then takes care of all of the maintenance - you select "Software as a Service," or SaaS for short.

Play it safe - because data protection is a top priority in the cloud: Providers such as Microsoft and Amazon invest a great deal of time and resources to ensure data security and data protection to a degree that most companies would not be able to do themselves. They have teams around the world whose sole responsibility is to keep cloud solutions secure - and they do so with great success.

Cloud or on-premises - both options have their advantages. Are you unsure which of the versions suits you better? Ask your YAVEON consultant. Together, we will find out which option is right for you.

Electronic invoice approval combined with other solutions

Using software efficiently means achieving maximum results with it. This is how to get the most out of your digital invoice approval: You can integrate other solutions, such as document management systems (DMS), via interfaces.

Once an invoice has been fully processed, it must be archived. This works best with a digital document management system. Because the archiving is automated and audit-proof. Searching via keywords and metadata is also much easier than rummaging through paper invoices in folders, so you save time and can provide information quicker.

ERP connection? Possible.

Do you want a connection to your ERP system? Please get in touch with us - we will be happy to advise you. In addition, with our e-invoicing module, we offer the possibility of sending invoices automatically from the Microsoft ERP system.

Questions are there to be answered.

FAQs about the digital invoice approval

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