Facilitate process management with the Scanning module

YAVEON ProE-SCM Scanning 

  • Increase warehouse efficiency and quality
  • System-supported goods movement with barcode scanning
  • Qualified packing structures completed virtually automatically
  • Fewer process errors when packing packages
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Efficiency and safety

Efficient and secure warehouse processes lead to satisfied customers. Particularly in the pharmaceutical and automotive environment, this is often also part of the audit process.

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YAVEON ProE-SCM Scanning

YAVEON ProE-SCM Scanning simplifies and secures the daily work in your warehouse, reducing complexity as well as errors. All while improving your performance and generating data that is available directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The 8 biggest advantages of YAVEON ProE-SCM Scanning.

Automated, smooth, simple: Data exchange with YAVEON ProE-SCM

Guided work

Faster and much safer than manual typing, which can increase the likelihood of errors. The intuitive, highly simplified scan dialogs provide you with a guided interface. And the best part is that it is specially designed for input via barcode scanning.

Improve warehouse efficiency

Scanner dialogs with standardized barcodes speed up your processes and increase data quality. Barcodes are added to necessary documents. Additional documents like inventory labels are integrated into the process and can also be created manually.

Save walking distances

Scanning means faster processes, reduced walking distances, lower error rates, and reduced employee workload because the scanners that show to-dos are right there in your employees’ hands. If necessary, you can also work with belt printers.

Simplify user dialogs

Users can act quickly, routinely, and accurately, achieving a high data quality standard as the user dialogs are guided and particularly simple. Making work less complicated and reducing stress.

Work in one system

There’s nothing as practical as being able to handle multiple processes in one system. Nothing at all. Simply map postings relevant to the warehouse directly in the system.

Central management

All administration and data management is done directly in your ERP. If you adapt picking orders, change dialogs, or use new processes, this information is transmitted to the scanner and can be viewed. No more software updates and the accompanying downtime. So much easier, right?

Feel free

The only requirement for scanner hardware is a browser. You don’t need to use a specific operating system or install additional software. There are few minimum requirements, and you don’t even have to install individual apps.

Use the device you want.

Scanner, tablet, or smartphone: The Scanning Module connects smoothly to various, centrally managed devices. The responsive design adapts automatically. The first choice for warehouses: specialized mobile scanners with long battery runtimes.

What features are included in the scanning module? Here are just some of them:

  • Goods receipt and storage for order

    The goods arrive and have to go into the warehouse - so far, so good. With the Scanning solution, inventory labels are generated at goods receipt. This not only enables storage via scan dialog, but also prepares the goods for future movements via scanner.

  • Transfer orders

    Transferring orders can be so simple - via scan dialog, of course. Once this is confirmed, the goods are booked directly and easily in the system. This way, you and your colleagues always have access to the most up-to-date data that you can rely on.

  • Warehouse shipment/picking and packaging

    The scan dialogs move entire load carriers and repack them as needed in shipping. Logics with picking scales are supported - naturally, down to the last package. This creates a fully qualified packing structure at the shipment level.

  • Production and manufacturing

    Similar to goods receipt, this involves both new goods with new labels and the supply of production with goods from the warehouse. The processing takes place - you guessed it - via scan dialog. Fast, simple, and exactly as in incoming and outgoing goods.

  • Label printing

    To work with the scanners, you need a barcode. There are several ways to do this. The simplest: label the goods directly in the goods receipt and production. And if you start using the module during operations? There are alternative options available.

  • Inventory

    In addition to the annual inventory, the system also enables preparations for the perpetual inventory. For example, why not briefly confirm that empty storage bins are actually empty? A practical function optimized to run only at favorable times of the day.

  • Shipping receipt

    Once the truck is at the ramp, things have to move quickly - but you don’t want to make mistakes during loading. To prevent this, scan the pallets straight from the forklift, confirm loading, and ensure that the pallets are complete and have been loaded correctly.

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Increase warehouse efficiency and quality

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