Cooperate more efficiently: workflows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

YAVEON ProE-SCM Workflow 

  • Simplify and automate workflows
  • Standardize critical or audit-relevant processes
  • Timely provision of necessary information
  • Supports the fulfillment of regulated environment requirements
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Simple, automatic, workflow.

Lack of information, misunderstandings, and lengthy processes: Information deficits repeatedly block or delay your workflows, especially in cross-employee processes. This is a challenge, and even more so in a regulated environment. Customers must be able to prove that an item has been correctly managed. It can lead to increased workload.

Wouldn't it be nice if this all worked automatically? Workflows make this dream a reality - reliably, securely, and completely digitally.

YAVEON ProE-SCM Workflows

The most important advantages at a glance

Use best-practices templates

Why reinvent the wheel when it's already turning: Simply activate the workflow templates in the setup wizard. And be ready to go within a short time.

Define and standardize workflows

Use workflow templates or define your own standard workflows. You can also automate processes without programming for Business Central and Add-Ons.

Stay informed

Is there an error in the goods receipt or an EDI error? When this happens, the relevant people are informed. Users no longer need to constantly check and search for errors.

Adaptable release

Release scenarios can be very simple or strict and multi-level. Release groups and the dual control principle support even the most complex variants effortlessly and facilitate your everyday work.

Meet regulations

Each individual workflow step is documented and ensures a detailed traceable process that you can also use as in-progress proof at any time. This helps during audits and provides security.

In-house setup

You can configure your processes without programming, like using a modular system, using events, entry and exit rules, along with actions and tasks that can be flexibly defined.

Monitor effortlessly

Keep a close eye on delivery delays, minimum quantities, or remaining shelf life. Workflows are triggered automatically to provide an overview and actively warn about potential system issues.

Automatic and reliable

Automatic and reliable workflows enable the timely completion of work processes, inform stakeholders about changes, and send notifications about critical situations.

You want to be part of the workflow but don't work with the ERP?

By simply replying to the email through which you received the workflow task, you can give your feedback; you can approve or make decisions, for example. You don't even need system access and can work directly from your email client. So much easier, right?

Which workflows are possible?

  • Periodic workflows
  • Information and alarm workflows
  • Process controlling workflows
  • Approval and release scenarios
  • Mandatory field management
  • Authorization concept
  • Automatic system actions such as order confirmation print, error messages, order release with zero price, and production order creation after order release

Example of an approval workflow

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