Customer portal software for better digital customer loyalty

Simple, fast, and efficient with digital customer portal software based on the power platform

24/7: Enable customer inquiries around the clock

Automate inquiries, orders and more.

Provide information quickly and easily

Develops the business relationship with your customers

Handle inquiries in one portal thanks to customer portal software

Wouldn't it be nice if your customers could make and view inquiries, orders, and information on the status of deliveries - in one place and always up-to-date? Give your customers the convenience of using customer portal software- from entering an order to downloading their invoice. Customers can also access price lists and specifications that you provide directly from your ERP system to the portal. And the best part is that the digital processes are customizable and can be expanded entirely without programming.

Unlike a typical online store, the portal is designed to foster business relationships with your customers. This is possible due to the low-code environment based on the Microsoft Power Platform that you can quickly and easily customize. It enables you to respond to changing markets - and to do so faster than your competition.

You want to communicate not only with customers, but also with your suppliers? For this, we offer ther right supplier portal software on a low-code basis.

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Share information and documents with your customers more easily - with customer portal software based on the Microsoft Power Platform.

Why you will love the customer portal software based on the Power Platform



Realtime updates


Explore the possibilities of the with YAVEON

Explore the possibilities of the Power Platform with YAVEON

Work together as partners on an equal footing

Uninterrupted processes: tailored advice

Maximum benefit: digitalize suitable processes

Combined knowledge: Business Central and the Power Platform

Full portfolio: Solutions hand in hand

Experience and skills: over 550 customer projects

Learning: Helfpul how-to videos

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