First YAVEON partner event 2024:

The first partner event took place in Würzburg in June. The partner management team reports on how it went in an interview.

Visitors of the YAVEON Partnerdays in the conference room

11. July 2024

Content Marketing Manager

Our ProBatch and ProE-SCM solutions are in use around the world. This is made possible by our large partner network, which is constantly growing. Community and exchange are at the heart of our collaboration - preferably in person. With this in mind, we held our first partner event in Würzburg in June. In this interview, the partner management team Michael, Jamie and Jonas talk about how it went, the highlights of the days and how the participants felt about the event.

An Interview with the ISV Team


Michael Ebinger


Jonas van Schwartzenberg


Jamie Pagé

The first YAVEON partner event is behind you. What is the idea of the format, how did the idea come about?

Michael: „We want to continue to strengthen our relationship with our partners and the best way to do this is in person. That's why we decided to invite all our partners to our headquarters in beautiful Würzburg. In addition to the exchange of ideas and informal discussions, it was of course also about informing the participants about news and our programs.“

Jonas: „Exactly, as Michael says, the partner event is about getting as many partners as possible together at one table to exchange ideas. Although we regularly meet virtually at our Jour fixes, face-to-face contact is something completely different."

Michael: „It is also about simply saying thank you and appreciating the commitment of our partners. Each and every one of them is largely responsible for us and our international success. Our strategy is clear: we want to empower Microsoft partners around the world to position Business Central as the ERP for process manufacturing.“

We at YAVEON are firmly anchored internationally. How has international business developed in recent years?

Michael: „Exponentially! The growth is huge. We see the need for standardized, cloud-based solutions from both our partners and our customers and the demand is growing.“

How did the partners respond to the invitation to the partner event in Würzburg?

Jonas: „The invitation was very well received, especially as it was the first event of its kind with YAVEON. The anticipation of meeting partners from other countries was great and we received numerous registrations. In total, we welcomed participants from 15 different countries!“

There must have been a lot going on. How did the event go, did everything work out?

Jonas: „The partner days went off without a hitch, it was great fun. It started on Monday with a typical Würzburg wine tasting in the city's Residenzkeller. The ambience, food and wines were the perfect way to start the next few days in a relaxed atmosphere and the sometimes long journeys were immediately forgotten. Tuesday started with the first keynote session and contributions from YAVEON colleagues. It was important to us to offer plenty of time and space for exchange and networking, and this was very well received by the participants. We ended the evening together at the local wine festival.“

What were the highlights of the event for you?

Michael: „It was great, our expectations of the event were exceeded. We received a lot of positive feedback from our partners. We definitely want to offer events like this more often and also expand them.“

Jamie: „My personal highlight was the moments outside the traditional business environment where we got to know each other better personally. This includes the evening events in particular, where a very special bond was formed.“

Jonas: „For me, the good and strategic discussions with the partners were an absolute highlight. Because partners from so many different countries were there, we gained exciting insights into their strategies and goals.“

The partners sell ProE-SCM and ProBatch, our core products. How are the solutions being received, what feedback do you get from your partners?

Michael: „The scope and quality of the solutions are inspiring and convincing internationally. The feedback shows us that we have taken the right path with our systems and that it pays off to place so much value on quality and honest feedback.“

Jonas: „The feedback on our solutions has been excellent, and many of the participants have become even more aware of the need for our solutions. Many will continue to expand and intensify their collaboration with us.“

Thank you for your insights into the first YAVEON partner event, we look forward to many more!

Of course, we also asked our partners:
"What did you like best about the event?"

"The networking opportunities but also the shared content!"

"Great insights into products and conversations with people!"

"Wine, good information about your apps. The best thing was meeting so many experienced partners."

"The meeting with the other partners, the roundtable discussions and getting to know the YAVEON team better."

"The enthusiastic YAVEON team. Great topics, not just ProBatch, that we got some nice teasers."

Would you also like to become a YAVEON partner and be part of the next event? You can find all the information and contact details on our website.

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