Legally compliant electronic invoicing with e-invoicing

YAVEON ProE-SCM e-invoicing

  • Never edit receipts manually again
  • Documents by e-mail, postal service, fax, or digital invoice
  • Dispatch of the document volume can be automated
  • System sends documents autonomously
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Send electronic invoices directly from the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manual invoicing takes time and causes errors - sending as a letter is expensive. Electronic invoicing is easier and cheaper: Create invoices, credit notes, and reminders with e-invoicing from your Microsoft ERP. The fully automated process sends the documents domestically and abroad - by mail, post (E-POST), fax, or as a digital invoice in standard format (EDI) to the respective customers or, for example, via Intercompany within the own company.

Digital signatures

Optionally add digital signatures, enabling recipients to quickly and securely verify invoices for authenticity and integrity.

What benefits you can expect with the e-invoicing modules:

What the e-invoicing modules of the YAVEON ProE-SCM solution can do


Keep a clear overview by sending invoices, credit notes, or reminders directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


If required, you can sign documents in a legally secure manner. The recipient verifies authenticity and integrity with one click.


Using a schedule, the system automatically transfers the documents in the background.  Thanks to standard templates, it is quick to set up.


You define which document types are sent - in which form - for each customer. With the use of filters, it’s very straightforward.


Every company has different requirements. That's why you can choose whether to use e-invoicing in the cloud or as an on-premises solution.


Instead of sending business documents by mail or as a fax, you can send them electronically in the future. This saves time, reduces paper usage, and protects the environment.


Automatic document transfer for printing, enveloping, franking and dispatch - all possible with the E-POST feature. In addition, shipping is more cost-effective than if you do it in-house.

A further advantage: You receive a log with the consecutive status for each document and can view the exact status of the document all the way to the letter carrier. If required, you can also choose additional services such as registered mail by posting or in person, color and duplex printing.

E-Mail & Fax

Take advantage of a reduced workload, because of the automatic document transfer of the PDF file to the recipient. Without programming, you can define text and layout freely - no adaptation is necessary for document printing.


Do you have customer requests for the transfer of EDI documents? Manage this easily with the additional EDI module. The solution provides everything needed for sending and receiving electronic receipts.

E-Invoicing in numbers

Every letter that is printed and sent by conventional means today costs around 3 euros in material, process, handling, and postage costs. It's cheaper to do this with the e-post functions: On average, 75% of the costs are saved. If the receipt is sent entirely via e-mail, you can save even more: Thanks to fully automated processing in the background, there are no processing costs whatsoever.

You can achieve even more possibilities in combination with other modules such as ProE-SCM Workflow and our DMS Business Central interface, with which you can also archive in an audit-proof manner.

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