The intercompany module for harmonious cooperation in a company group

YAVEON ProE-SCM Intercompany

  • Common master data in multiple clients
  • Preconfigured best-practice templates for fast implementation
  • Configuration for other data possible
  • Usable across ERP systems


Is exchanging data within your own company time-consuming, inconsistent, chaotic, and error-prone? YAVEON ProE-SCM Intercompany automates master data sharing and document transfer in the background and protects centrally managed data at the field level - all on a fully configurable basis without any programming.

This not only reduces the workload of employees, but also increases data quality and ensures consistency. By the way, this is often also the starting point for establishing professional cross-client reporting (including with Business Intelligence).

More about Microsoft Power BI.


  • Manage master and transaction data
  • Assign authorization concept
  • Master drop shipment
  • Support global sourcing
  • Automated document management between clients
  • Improve sales planning
  • Global purchasing contracts
  • Overview of cross-client inventories
  • In any language

The most important features at a glance

YAVEON ProE-SCM Intercompany

Adaptable connection

Document and data exchange between Microsoft Business Central clients, other Navision or Dynamics NAV versions, and with other ERP systems takes place reliably and automatically in the background. User workload decreases while data quality increases right from the start.

Use uniform master data

Articles, customers, and other data are often part of the intercompany master data. This means that you can easily create evaluations, and master data maintenance is consistent. From a main client-based approach to a master data maintenance database: Choose your concept for master data management.

Intuitive setup

Set up intercompany transactions with standard visualization of the data. If, for example, an article consists of various direct data of the article alongside additional information, such as units or translations, the system is configured to ask, "What else is required?".

Automate your document chains

The Intercompany solution also facilitates the exchange of documents, such as purchase orders, sales orders, delivery bills, and invoices, which reduces employee workload. The document chains across the individual areas of your company group are managed automatically.

Just get started

The setup wizard offers you frequently used intercompany scenarios for installation with just one click. Easily adapt standard templates without programming and extend the templates according to your needs.

Meet regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements play a vital role in many industries. This means you have to keep a close eye on everything. You can protect your data right down to the field level with authorization concepts, helping to meet the SOX, 8. EU Directive.

Detailed planning of production and sales

By having information from the distribution sales companies available. Your result: Less costs and fewer error messages.

Keep the supply chain under control

Whether it's an overarching inventory overview or a framework agreement: Your order and communication processes run smoothly - even internationally and with external warehouses, if required.

Future proof and flexible

YAVEON ProE-SCM Intercompany is generally used for purchasing and sales processes. You can integrate additional apps, add-ons, and your own extensions at the configuration level without any programming. Complicated was yesterday.

Illustration data exchange between company locations

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