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Sometimes employees need goods or services that are not centrally planned or ordered through the ERP system, for example, C-parts, lubricants, tools, fire extinguishers, office supplies, or reference books.

The challenge

You want to take advantage of applicable volume discounts, while avoiding minimum order surcharges and additional shipping costs.

Additionally, you also want to set up a structured process with release scenarios.

How can you do all this? The Power Platform makes it possible

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How the Power Platform facilitates the purchase requisition process

Use Power Apps to centralize purchase requisitions

Power Apps assumes the central role for the purchase requisition process and is the centralized portal. Access in the office on a computer or on the go using a tablet, and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Scanning of barcodes, e.g., EAN/GTIN
  • Capture product images and read out the information they contain
  • Support for classification and similarity search with artificial intelligence
  • Central status tracking and monitoring with active notification
  • Processing of permission requests

With this, we adapt a process to our requirements, and reap significant benefits of digitalization.

Automatic workflow with Power Automate

With Power Automate, we use a cross-departmental and cross-system workflow application and integrate the required groups of people in the company into various processes. The approval process is triggered automatically and informs the employees involved.

Process via cell phone or computer to issue permits, for example, quickly and easily, even while on the road. The parties involved receive real-time information on the process and are kept up-to-date on the status. Once the request has been released, the process can be transferred to the ERP system.

With this, we’ve realized a structured, company-wide process.

View processing status with Power Virtual Agents

With Power Virtual Agents, we simplify the interaction between solution and user, for example, via an automated AI-supported chatbot - even within Teams. The chatbot answers questions like:

  • "What is the status of my requisitions?"
  • "Have my order arrived yet?"
  • "Is there an active purchase acquisition for a product?"

Easy collaboration with suppliers thanks to Power Pages

With Power Pages, we can improve supplier communication with a portal where suppliers can submit quotes on approved purchase requisitions.

This is particularly helpful for a high order value, or when the items required are complex, and additional information is needed, for example, extended certificates of analysis, data sheets, and date of signature.

Analysis of the purchase requisition process with Power BI

Power BI makes it possible to present a range of key figures for the purchase requisition process in insightful and intuitive graphics, and identify the potential for optimization.

Answering various questions can provide scope for further negotiations

  • "Which costs arise from specific suppliers in a set time frame?"
  • "What is the relation between supplier rating, delivery quality, and delivery reliability?"

Optimize purchasing with evaluations that identify where purchase requisitions are triggered and how regularly, i.e., in qualification, summarization, price negotiation, and replenishment lead times.

To identify which items would benefit from different ordering processes, questions such as these can be used:

  • "What are the process lead times from the creation of the requisition order to the purchase order?"
  • "Which items are ordered regularly or have high value?"

All our data from the now digitalized purchase requisition is stored in our ERP system via the dataverse.

Power Platform ERP Connectors

Connects unite all systems

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An additional benefit is the numerous connectors. With these, we can keep the Purchasing Department informed of current purchase requisitions, or use automated surveys for further requirements.

We also have access to supplier article catalog data for purchase requisitions. If parts are frequently ordered for which there is no existing supplier, an automated Google search also provides a selection of possible new suppliers.

For example, we store purchase requisitions, including the approval chain, in the document management system. Connectors make it possible, because they overcome system boundaries simply and quickly.

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