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The free inventory summary app gives you a complete overview of current stock levels and insight into your inventory at all times.

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11. January 2024

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What the AppStore is for iPhones, the AppSource platform is for users of Microsoft ERP Business Central. Here you can easily download lots of functionalities to integrate them into your everyday life. Our own range of apps is constantly growing. New is YAVEON ProBatch 365 Advanced Inventory Summary. The app transforms your stock list from a lack of overview to maximum transparency in no time at all - and it's completely free of charge.

Manage your stock effortlessly with the app

Inventory management takes time. It is time-consuming and extremely error-prone. At the same time, it is extremely important to keep an eye on your own stock. This is the only way to be able to react to orders and reorder missing components in good time. An overview is very important. This is almost impossible with a normal inventory list - and this is exactly where YAVEON ProBatch 365 Advanced Inventory Summary comes in. The app allows you to expand the insights into your stock list effectively and with tangible benefits:

  • You maintain a full overview of your current stock at all times and even sort it by item, batch, storage location and storage bin.
  • You have an insight into the current status of your stocks. Because all information about your stock is located in one place. This ensures that every posting automatically updates your stock levels.

Absolutely free of charge: We are giving away our app

The stock list is the most frequently used function of our ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch. It makes work easier for almost all Business Central users - reliably, efficiently and for the long term. It is precisely these advantages that we want to pass on to as many BC users as possible and have therefore decided to make it available free of charge in AppSource.

Get to know the benefits of our apps and solutions

Our inventory list gives you the opportunity to get to know us and our apps completely risk-free. You don't invest a cent and can test the application at your leisure. We are convinced that you will recognize benefits such as time savings and transparency after just a short time. You will see: The possibilities that arise with your new tool will make your work much easier.

Basis for maximizing the benefits

Once you are convinced by our inventory list and the basic operation of the app, it makes sense to expand the functions. All our apps are coordinated and go hand in hand. With each additional module, you add additional functions and successfully digitize more and more processes. In principle, you can combine YAVEON ProBatch 365 Advanced Inventory Summary with any of our apps. These three are particularly suitable:

Icon Probatch App Lot Management

YAVEON ProBatch 365 Lot Management

Manage your batches systematically and at the touch of a button.

Everything about the batch - in combination with the ProBatch 365 Lot Management app, the stock list is supplemented with information such as the expiration date, the external batch number and the batch status. Spontaneous changes to batch information can be made just as quickly as calling up the extended tracing function, in which every use of the selected item can be tracked.

Icon Probatch App Warehouse

YAVEON ProBatch 365 Warehouse Management

Store and move your stock more efficiently.

Inserting and calculating markups and markdowns in the sales order is time-consuming? Automate it based on the document total. If required, you can also extend the functionality to include the delivery condition, for example to map the insertion of freight surcharges.

Icon Probatch App Quality Assurance

YAVEON ProBatch 365 Quality Assurance

Check your quality - continuously, automatically and reliably.

The most important information about your batches, right where you need it. The QA app allows you to carry out article and batch inspections and save the results in characteristics. Selected characteristics can be transferred to the batch and can then be viewed at any time, even directly from the stock list. You also have the option of triggering spontaneous stock checks directly from the stock list to ensure the quality of your items at all times.

It's a win-win situation. Because by offering you the opportunity to get to know and use our app free of charge, we create the ideal basis for long-term satisfied customers: Trust.

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