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YAVEON ProE-SCM automotive for automotive suppliers

  • Meet the requirements of the automotive industry efficiently and safely
  • Designed to work according to the standards of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Odette, or AIAG
  • Cost-effective and fast connection of new EDI partners - even independently

YAVEON ProE-SCM automotive for automotive suppliers

As an automotive supplier, you deal with highly demanding customers who, in addition to requiring electronic data interfacing (EDI), also place high demands on logistics and quality. You have to cope with repeated changes of running processes and the setting up of custom procedures.

You need adaptable and powerful software to meet challenges - and it should be a holistic solution that encompasses customers, suppliers, freight forwarders, contract manufacturers, and external warehouses.

YAVEON ProE-SCM makes it possible to use EDI - simply, cost-effectively, and highly automated. The complete package offers everything you need to handle automotive clients professionally. You do not even need an additional EDI converter or EDI service provider.

The essential highlights at a glance

EDI automotive

Safe and holistic use of automotive

Fully featured for professional use: YAVEON ProE-SCM Automotive has everything you need to supply automotive manufacturers. The foundation for secure processing is provided by shipment orders, cumulative quantities, accruals, and more. Does your customer have specific packaging and delivery guidelines? Fulfill these systematically.

Look forward to more EDI partners

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), i.e., the electronic connection? It is generally a must, and an important part of YAVEON ProE-SCM Automotive - without the need for an external converter. You can create new partners quickly and download EDI mappings from the YAVEON Shop. The best part: You don’t need any specialist know-how.

Keep data transmission under control

Whether OFTP2, OFTP, AS2, or other transfer protocols: Automotive organizes the data transfer - if required, this can even be done via YAVEON Gateway as a service. As the user can view the continuous transfer status directly in the document, the transfer is strictly monitored.

You control the quality

High-quality results are the top priority for you and your customers: The quality of the data always undergoes a final check during import and export from the system. This helps you consistently and reliably reduce incorrect data and avoid penalties, which reduces stress as you can rely on your data.

Work automated and on time

The Automotive module processes mass data and is highly automated. As users are involved in the process on an as-needed basis, workload and errors are significantly reduced. Data is also quickly and reliably available in the heart of your system - the MRP run.

Use delivery suggestions for delivery planning

Fully and partially automatable delivery proposals with delivery strategies: The document chain is generated - if requested, fully automated - from the call-off to the accompanying consignment documents. Grouping, splitting, and compliance with delivery restrictions are taken into account - and all without manual intervention.

Create labels and accompanying papers

Generate delivery notes, VDA4912 forwarding instructions, CMR Bills of Loading, and labels according to VDA 4902, GTL, ODETTE, and AIAG directly from the system with one click - including NVE specifications. You don’t need a special printer or external barcode program for this. It all works simply, directly in the system.

Scan mobile

Do you want to increase your warehouse performance while reducing error rates? For this, you need mobile scanners that use barcodes and simplified mobile dialogs for easy logistic processing.

Archivieren Sie Belege und Dokumente

Extend your Automotive module with fully automated archiving of EDI messages with our DMS Business Central Interface. If required, even audit-proof.

Offer special customers increased service

The solution is set up to suit specific processes perfectly, such as Daimler PUS, Perlenkette, NLK, Ames-T, or BelowM.

Our ProE-SCM automotive packages

Automotive Base


1 Partner


All sales and purchase messages

All common automotive standards

Automotive Comfort


3 Partners


All sales and purchase messages

All common automotive standards

Automotive Premium


10 Partners


All sales and purchase messages

All common automotive standards

Automotive Enterprise


unlimited PARTNERS


All sales and purchase messages

All common automotive standards

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