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ERP Software Partner: Power in partnerships! Why you should become a YAVEON sales partner

If you are familiar with YAVEON, you know how much we value the work with partners. Whether working in-house or with customers and suppliers, we focus on honesty and community. However, you might now know that we work not only as partners, but also with partners in our ERP Partner Program. Around the globe, companies are making their customers' everyday lives easier with YAVEON solutions. But why are we doing this? What is in it for the partner, and how do our projects progress? Learn all this and much more in this blog post.

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    Why do we work with partners?

    Ultimately, there are two important reasons why we work with ERP Software Partners:


    Use on-site knowledge

    We are headquartered in Germany and are well-versed in the German-speaking region. But every market is different. As we want as many companies as possible to benefit from our ERP industry solutions, we rely on local partners. They know the distribution channels and mentalities in their own environment best. If a customer wants personal advice, a local partner can arrange a meeting within a short time. So, this creates benefits two times over.


    Create added value

    Not only are we convinced of our solutions, but so are our customers. When we ask customers about the benefits of using our products, we hear the same answer time and time again - they save time, reduce complexity, and work in the digital future. Our goal is to make work easier for as many companies as possible. With our partner program, we can provide solutions to a much wider range of customers and create lasting added value.

    Why is it worth becoming part of the YAVEON Partner Program?

    True partnership and smooth solutions: When you choose to become a sales partner of YAVEON, you are on an equal footing in a partnership based on honest and open communication. In addition to the human aspect, the product must be the right fit. When our partners choose YAVEON solutions, they extend their portfolio with products that work smoothly and provide their customers with long-term benefits. Our specialty is not just a simple extension of the ERP software from Microsoft, but an industry-optimized expansion. To create this, we have built extensive knowledge from our target industries of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, cosmetics, and medical technology - and of course, we pass this on to our partners.

    Even more reasons to become a YAVEON ERP partner include:


    A functioning ERP system is good. It gets even better with industry-specific features - and that's exactly what YAVEON solutions provide. The necessary knowledge? Of course!


    Replace customer-specific customizations in your projects with an updateable solution.


    When we talk about partnership, we must naturally consider the economic factor. We provide a generous partner commission to our ERP implementation partners - on both the licenses and on maintenance costs.


    Excellent training is important to us: Right from the start, you have a designated contact at your side, a comprehensive onboarding process, and access to regular training sessions. You also get access to extensive documentation.


    YAVEON solutions are future-proof, because the products you add to your portfolio are extension-ready and will be made available in AppSource.

    Friendly working environment

    Projects are work, and of course we take work seriously. But we can - and do - still enjoy our work. Your friendly contact person is available for all your queries.

    Working together

    Even in the best partnership, things can go wrong. That's not good, of course - but it's human. So, we work to find a solution. Mistakes happen, but we can learn from them.

    What criteria do YAVEON partners have to meet?

    First of all, we are open to any partnership, because often the most exciting co-operations arise by chance or with completely different perspectives. However, some criteria are important for a partnership:

    • YAVEON partners should work in an experienced IT company with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
    • Motivation, commitment, and the desire to grow - these are the three qualities partners should have.
    • And you should be eager to become a member of a constantly growing partner network.
    Checklist on clipboard

    Which features are the most central for our potential partners?

    Our ERP industry solution YAVEON ProBatch extends the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as an add-on with industry-relevant functions. This turns a reliable ERP into an all-rounder - even for the regulated environment. YAVEON ProBatch is designed for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, cosmetics, and medical technology industries. But not just for these industries: Many customers from completely different industries also benefit from our software - so don’t be too focused just on these ones.

    We often describe YAVEON ProE-SCM as a "communication hub": The solution enables the connection of customers, suppliers, and partners, but also document management systems, and much more. You combine the ability to enable data exchange and even automate it with digital processes.

    And the best part is that YAVEON ProBatch and YAVEON ProE-SCM are modular in design. Customers can choose exactly the features they need. Further modules can be easily added as add-ons for Business Central, if needed at a later date.

    Many of our customers particularly benefit from the following features:

    • Quality Management / Quality Control
    • Batch management / batch tracking
    • EDI / electronic data interchange
    • Compliance
    • Warehousing and Logistics
    • Supplier qualification
    • Research & Development
    Screen showing functions

    These features are of particular interest to our partners:

    • Batch management
    • QA
    • Compliance
    • Production
    • Warehouse/Logistics

    How does the ERP Partner Program work?

    The path to becoming a YAVEON partner is neither rocky nor complicated. It is short and smooth:

    • Step 1

      You contact us.

    • Step 2

      We have a meeting to find out more about you, your company, and your target group. Of course, we also introduce ourselves. The goal is for both sides to know what to expect after the meeting.

    • Step 3

      Do we suit? Fabulous! Once the partner contract is signed, we can start right away.

    • Step 4

      Now you get access to the YAVEON Partner Portal. In it, you will find product files and marketing materials.

    • Step 5

      Our product training takes place at regular intervals and are the ideal starting point for getting to know the YAVEON solutions.

    • Step 6

      Actually, it is not a step, but an ongoing co-operation. From now on, we will exchange information on a regular basis: We will send you new documents, keep you informed of developments, and are always available to answer any questions you may have.


    How does a project progress?

    • You are trained and know what you are doing.
    • Before you go to a new customer, you contact our Presales team.
    • We arrange a meeting and win the prospect over.
    • Of course, we are always available to answer your questions and provide support during the project.

    Who is your designated contact person?

    YAVEON partner manager is Michael Ebinger. Here's what you should know about him:

    Why I love my job?

    I love working and exchanging ideas with different people and cultures on a daily basis, as that's what makes my working day so varied.

    What annoys me about my job?

    Honestly? I can't think of anything at all.

    Why should potential partners get to know me?

    I am not out to just sell software, but to get to know the partner and the company. In our discussions, I want to find out we can work with together to benefit the partner. And how we can make working together fun.

    What makes YAVEON special?

    The combination: YAVEON is an established company with industry knowledge and successful products - but we aren’t a faceless corporation. We are friendly and approachable.

    This is how I like to spend my free time:

    When I’m not at work, I like to go out to eat, go jogging, or just relax at home.

    Head of Partner Management Michael Ebinger

    What do our ERP implementation Partners say about the cooperation?

    Logo Vertriebspartner absys cyborg

    »We’ve been successfully working with YAVEON for almost 15 years, and hope to be able to strengthen our strategic partnership even more in the coming years. The ProBatch apps are especially appreciated by our customers and consultants and have been really helpful, especially in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Food, MedTech, and BioTech where meeting standards, monitoring quality, and traceability are crucial. The YAVEON team has been professional and supportive, assisting our marketing, pre-sales, delivery, and customer support teams. Regular exchanges with Michael Ebinger’s team help us work more efficiently and stay ahead of industry changes, ensuring the best service for our customers«

    Bertrand Pelissier,
    Product Success Manager

    Absys Cyborg

    Logo Reselling Partner Evidi

    »For the past 4 years, Pilaro and YAVEON have worked actively to deliver the industry solution together in a good professional way. YAVEON is a professional partner that has a very good industry solution that covers the customer’s requirements for a solution and validation documentation for the Norwegian and the international market.«

    Jon Fromreide, Chief Marketing Officer

    Logo Vertriebspartner Stoneridge

    »Our partnership with YAVEON has been mutually beneficial. ProBatch allows us to effectively pursue and win larger, more complex opportunities and differentiate ourselves in the market. The international network of YAVEON partners also helps us to better serve our multi-national clients.«

    George Delp, Senior Sales Executive
    Stoneridge Software

    What our partners love about us?


    A functioning ERP system is good. It gets even better with industry-specific features - and that's precisely what YAVEON solutions provide. The necessary knowledge? Of course!


    A sympathetic ear at all times: We are always available for our partners and provide support in every project phase. Product feedback or bugs are fixed quickly.

    High quality

    YAVEON partners do not simply sell a product. They get a product based on years of experience and extensive testing. In short: a solution that wins customers.

    Does this sound good to you? Would you like to find out more about our partner program? Visit our website and get to know Michael.


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