Meet us at Directions North America – we are a Diamond Sponsor!

Directions North America is about to start. Find out what partners can expect and why they should visit us at our booth.

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4. April 2024

Content Marketing Manager

Over 1,200 participants, more than 200 sessions, three days: This year's Microsoft partner event Directions North America will take place in San Diego from April 14th to 17th. Our partner management team will participate and reports on what it means to be a Diamond Sponsor, about the event´s highlights and why other BC partners should meet us.

Our ISV Team in the interview


Michael Ebinger
Partner management


Jonas van Schwartzenberg
Partner management


Jamie Pagé
Partner management

What does Diamond Sponsor mean?

Jamie, Michael and Jonas, we are Diamond Sponsors at this year's Directions North America. What does that mean and how does it feel?

Michael: We are grateful to be a Diamond Sponsor at such a well-known event, especially for Business Central partners. Of course, we are using the opportunity to make the YAVEON brand and our apps even better known in the partner landscape. We want to attract even more motivated partners who believe in our vision. The sponsor level is an indicator of the development of YAVEON and its ISV business in recent years and I am looking forward to the event!

Jamie: Being a Diamond sponsor is a great honour for us. We are very much looking forward to having the opportunity to represent YAVEON in the best possible way and to introduce it to new partners, too.

Jonas: The opportunity to take part in Directions North America as a (Diamond) sponsor is very exciting for all of us. We can make not only ourselves as YAVEON but also our apps even better known on the American market.

Who will be there?

Who of the YAVEON Team will be there?

Michael: In terms of sales, myself and Jonas van Schwarzenberg will be there. We have Patrick Kohr as our functional contact person, supported by our presales lead Hannes Storz and the head of ProBatch, Daniel Wessel.

Jonas: Exactly, Michael, Patrick and I will be attending Directions NA from the ISV team, and we will be providing sales-related or technical information to the partners. With the support of Hannes and Daniel, we can provide direct insights into the demo environments or the product-specific aspects of ProBatch.

What can visitors expect?

You will be there with your own booth and for keynotes. What can visitors expect?

Michael: At the booth, partners can expect the concentrated knowledge of YAVEON's most capable minds. We will provide insights into the world of process manufacturing and show how this can be implemented in Business Central easily. In the keynotes, we will focus on quality control and present our partner program.

Jamie: A lot of expertise and many friendly people who are very happy about every new contact or every question.

Jonas: Whether you are an existing partner or a prospective customer, our focus is on process manufacturing and we show how easy it is to introduce and implement the associated processes in Business Central. The keynotes underline the exchange and support understanding, particularly in the area of quality assurance.

What are you most looking forward to?

Every Directions is a highlight. What are you most looking forward to this time?

Michael: The exchange with the partners on site is at least as valuable as the new contacts and networks that you can only make at such an event. Special highlights are the Microsoft innovations and direct contact with Microsoft colleagues.

Jamie: Even though I unfortunately won't be there, I'm really looking forward to taking in the impressions from afar. I'm also very excited to see what new partnerships will emerge, what contacts will be made and what insights the team will bring back from other partners.

Jonas: I am looking forward to the existing partners on site, but also to the new contacts we will make. The insights from Microsoft will give us a direct outlook on the future of Business Central, which I personally find very exciting.

Why should you visit the YAVEON booth?

That sounds great. Please summarize again: Why should the participants of Directions come and visit you?

Michael: Not only are we bringing one of the most likeable teams around, but also valuable new impressions from the ERP industry and our own solutions. But, since personal contact with partners and those who want to become partners is particularly important to us, the exchange with our experts and our team on site is the decisive reason.

Jamie: YAVEON offers a great portfolio coupled with world-class support and quality. No partner should be without this in their portfolio. The opportunity to ask colleagues technical questions on site, receive immediate feedback and benefit from an extensive exchange is unique.

Jonas: As YAVEON, we are an all-rounder and can ease a lot of processes with our apps. Thanks to our expertise in the various industries, we can accept partner inquiries directly on site, plan further discussions or suggest specific solutions.

Thank you very much for the great insights, we wish you lots of success and fun in San Diego!

Of course, the team is also available to answer questions and get to know you outside of Directions. You can find more information and contact details on our website.

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